Vate – Figuras rotas

Vate - Figuras rotas
Artist: Vate
Title: Figuras rotas
keywords: ambient, big beat, electro, electronic, experimental, electronic, mexico, ambient, barcelona, downtempo, drone, experimental, experimental electronic, noise, ambient soundtrack tiana Barcelona
Reviewer: Caffeinate

I know what’re you’re thinking. You’re thinking what the fuck is jejeje supposed to mean. The actual answer is rather unfulfilling so I’ll just say that it’s an ancient tradition passed on to noble warriors of my clan. Yeah…sounds a lot better than I just accidentally hit the j key on purpose.

Holy fucking shit. This release is just all sorts of yes. Nimbo starts off with some piano and a nice ambient synth. This is good.

Pausa comes on with this absolutely mentally deep and dark ambient pad with some strange ghostly voices phasing in and out of the physical plane. I’m shivering from the chills. This is an excellent track. Listen to it, when it’s dark and you’re alone and you can imagine your demons are talking to you. All the cool kids are doing it.

Vuelo III comes in (What happened to the other Vuelos?). These atmospheres are great. Thankfully I didn’t walk around for this review otherwise this would have been Mauro Sambo all over again (see my review on one of Mauro Sambos releases). These absolutely mental atmospheres are created with this macabre sounds. It’s so good.

Rezo is also a good track. Gets much more on the lacking sanity side.

Vuelo I (oh snap, we started at the bottom now we ‘ere). That violin (well I think it’s a violin). OH MY WORD. THEN THAT PIANO. Then some lfos. Oh the wubs. They definitely work but sadly I am allergic to wubs so I couldn’t stick around all too long.

Circulos. With a propeller. Oh snap, the planes crashing. SEAT IN THE UPRIGHT POSITION. FALSE ALARM WE WERE JUST TESTING YOU PASSENGERS AND YOU ALL FAILED (my imagined situation on the fictional plane we are referencing in case you couldn’t follow).

Vuelo II has arrived! (Call off the manhunt guys, we found em all) Clicky. Clacky.

And finally Cirro. Yay! This was definitely the lightest track of all. Has a lot of fun stuff in it.

Well, if you’re into strange scapes and the like then get this. An excellent companion on a future walk!

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