Brightside – The World Reversed

Artist: Brightside
Album: The World Reversed
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Genre(s): Indie pop, indie rock, pop rock
Record Label: Broken World Media
reviewer: Willem van O.

Always look at the bright side of life‘  someone famous sang while nailed to a cross. I did not know the Brightside before, so didn’t really know which way to look… Until very recently, when receiving an email confirming the existence of the Brightside. Yep, when you can’t find the Brightside, the Brightside will clearly find you.

In the email directions are pointing to The Brightside on the internet. Apparently The Brightside isn’t just something to look at, but also something to point your ears towards. Yep, the Brightside comes with music apparently, and it has to be said; the Brightside is indeed bright. It’s music coming across as positive, light and even quite sunny.

It’s camouflaged as a band with guitars, drums and singing; but there is something special that makes this band really personalizing this Brightside. It’s the music you would expect to hear after surfing with friends, a game of tennis on the beach, or just a day of tropical cocktail sipping among palls; it fits a bright sunset and a bright side of a positive beach…

The music that the Brightside pointed out in the email was quite short, consisting of just 3 songs; but I guess it’s probably because too much brightness at once might blind you. So in this case these 3 tunes are a perfect dose to hear and look at; no sunglasses needed, although could be nice for a cool look on the beach. Here it is, the Brightside:

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