IIana J – Angel

1Artist: IIana J
title: Angel
keywords: singer songwriter, good cause, angels,
website: http://www.ilanaj.com/

words: Willem van O.

Ilana J is a British singer songwriter with an obvious good heart,soul and a pair of wings. Her songs and music come out from her inside in the hope to establish itself within other angels & people’s ears & hearts. A concept perhaps applicable to most singing songwriters, but yet I feel Ilana J adds something extra to her angelic singing expression.

With her new song she not only appeals with her song and singing capabilities, but she is also using her angel skills for a good cause. Something that (angel that I am) appeals to me, as I’m a sucker for good causes!  This is strangely a rare thing and really made me want to write something about Iiana J ‘the angel’ and the special song, just in order to inform you of something genuine and kind. And maybe (if you are a bit better off financially then we are) can help out….

Apparently there is a rare neuro-development condition affecting 1 in 15,000 live births named ‘Angelman Syndrome‘. Ilana ‘s new single ‘Angel’ is released to help her friend Kim who has a 12 year old son with Angelman Syndrome, and probably other ‘angels’ in general.

Ilana  says “I have known little Josh since he was a toddler and have watched him grow over the years. Josh is a joy to be around and he has a wonderful nature, but with no treatment currently available, he and his family face many challenges both now and in the years ahead.”

So with angel Josh in mind, singing angel IIana J wrote and sang a special song in the hope to raise money for F.A.S.T., the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics that firmly believes that with the right research & effective treatments an eventual cure can be found.

You can download this angelic lovely song for free at the following soundcloud account:
But if you could spare some money, it would be appreciated to invest in this good hearted song with the assurance that all proceedings go to F.A.S.T. :

more info, or want to help out some more,
please feel free to visit Ilana J’s fundraising campaing page over here:

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