Omar Souleyman

1Omar Souleyman is (as a Syrian wedding singer) by definition a man of love. The story goes that he gave each couple of newlyweds a one of a kind album, a perfect gift at the end of their wedding day. This is a present so good that the brides and grooms started to bootleg them, in order to spread the love of his music around. From there the love within this music started to live a life on its own, spreading wherever open hearts and ears would be willing to receive it. It’s a bit like a Syrian fairy-tale, isn’t it?

The music got picked up in the west, and the rest is history. Or is it? Omar Souleyman signed some record deal and started touring the west wherever visas were obtained. Doing a little research on the intensive touring and you’ll find out that Omar and his ‘keyboard wizard music friend’ have been doing it for quite some time now. From European Clubs to large crowded festivals & even at the Nobel peace prize awards the magical music flowered.

It’s really great to see the crowds instantly respond and love this dance-able love music. Omar as the perfect charming front charms the overall young audiences with trademark arm moves and intensive clap sessions. When he feels the crowd’s love, you could spot a smile on his face as he sends them kisses by air.

The love music plunges people into a hypnotic state by presenting four by four rhythms, electronic percussions, and synthetic Syrian speedy & delicious melodies. It’s an irresistible sound, and with Omar Souleyman feeding it the right expressions, the stimulating words and trademark ‘heeyyyyys’ it’s an combination that might as well be described as a gift from the gods.

You probably heard the music of Omar Souleyman before, seen him around or had jumped in it without knowing what or who he was; but in case you had missed it all; surrounded by these words our technical team placed some must hear & see music video’s featuring Omar Souleyman. Whether you heard him or seen him before or not; you will never get enough of one of the biggest Syrian love music exporters that is Omar Souleyman.

here are some online links to check out:
Omar Souleyman on Soundcloud:
Omar Souleyman on Bandcamp:
Omar Souleyman on Twitter

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