Dirk Frazel – Randy’s Bacon

Artist: Dirk Frazel
title: Randy’s Bacon
keywords: emo, punk, diy, post-hardcore, screamz, screamo, twinkle, Springfield
reviewer: Loza Sampsonite

Hi there, welcome at YIKIS, the Springfield weekend edition.
The place to look when in search for music coming out of Springfield!

Dirk Frazel is one creative Springfield inhabitant who is equipped with amazing skills which other residents would probably kill for. He can do anything; walking, breathing, talking, drinking, and even urinating. But let’s focus on his artistic side which appears to be visually and audio wise quite pleasing.

Visually the cover decorated on top of this review should be proof of Dirk Frazel’s artistic graphic skills. But audio wise Dirk Frazel will even more be more astounding as he brings his audio in a form which might be described as music. Dirk Frazel is roughing a guitar up like only he could do, and the fun thing is that the guitar seems to be well tamed and even though rough; it’s like a Virgin; pretty tight.

He also drums, does the bass and everything that you could hear that is captured on this release, and it’s pretty much amazing as it feels as if Dirk Frazel is a complete band enjoying themselves tremendously. And upon doing my job as a researcher I can tell you that this is actually true; Dirk Frazel is a band.

Compare it to the individuals of the Power Rangers joining their powers together to form one big power ranger & than you could get a bit of an idea how the individuals in this band join their forces to become Dirk Frazel. So let’s look at these ‘power rangers’ that form ‘Dirk Frazel’ and are responsible for the music on this short but hefty release:

Garrett- bass & vocals 6’7″
Alex – drums; 6’3″
Calvin – guitar 5’11”
Raymond- guitar; 6’2″
Bikes and girls and beer and the internet.

Well.. Not sure what the numbers are about (dick sizes?) , but as you can see it is the combination of Garrett, Alex (did you know that there are more people named ‘Alex’ living in Springfield then wherever in the world? -well now you know. ) Calvin and Raymond that makes Dirk Frazel come to life. Why ‘Dirk Frazel’ and not ‘super mega power man rangers’ has probably to do with the creativity that roams around in Springfield; it’s specific to the region, and better not ask too many questions about it.

Music wize I think that Dirk Frazel doesn’t sound bad at all; the imaginary character really has a nice feel over it, and there might be even moments that are pretty great in melodic rough togetherness. The thing that strikes me the most is the voice of Dirk Frazel; it’s a screamer as we could spot from the music tag ‘screamo’, but it seems to me that the screaming wasn’t fully charged yet, or simply is a more sophisticated screamo-screamer than the one we usually encounter on the screamo scene.

this is Garrett, who is responsible for the voice of Dirk Frazel

this is Garrett from Springfield, he is responsible for the voice of Dirk Frazel

It’s nice as it makes Dirk Frazel differ from other bands, which isn’t a bad thing at all. We can’t all be expecting a singer who sings like he is on fire, or had seen a mouse and is now yelling through a whiskey endangered throat. After all those kind of Screamo singers are endangered species, which is probably more reason that Dirk Frazel’s voice sounds less a danger to himself as a character made out of band members from Springfield.

Here is a link to hear this release, cause without it; this all would be stupid, isn’t it?

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