Kevin McChain – Conquer Anything

Artist: Kevin McChain
title: Conquer Anything
keywords: acoustic, pop, rock, singing, springfield, original
words by: Hamer Sompson

Kevin McChain isn’t behind the McDonalds burger chain, but if a girl wanted him to be behind it; he could be. Kevin McChain can simply conquer anything, with the finest rule of it being the objection to make a girl happy.

^ Kevin from Springfield is true romanticism at its finest

^ Kevin from Springfield brings true romanticism at its finest

He will follow this girl everywhere and anywhere in the world. It’s what psychiatrists would describe as pretty extreme, although he seems to mean it well & his urge to follow and please comes across as a task made out of love. If he teams up with the perfect girl who likes to be pleased and followed around; her, him & this song will be a magical & romantic deal!

Kevin McChain perfectly chains this seemingly romantic promise of love to a song perfectly titled ‘conquering everything’. It’s done in the style of ‘for you I climb the highest mountain, for you I will reach the end of the sky’, but done in a fairly positive sounding Springfield way. Doh! This is Springfield’s romantic music at it finest!

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