Sven Sundberg – Intimacy: A Collection

Artist: Sven Sundberg
title: Intimacy: A Collection
keywords: new age,r&b, world, adult, contemporary, instrumental, easy listening, pop, life, urban, nu jazz, soft rock, Springfield
reviewer: Bert Sompsin

Today, its a weekend day. Not just any weekend day; no! No, No No! it’s Springfield weekend – day! Or at least its Springfield weekend on Yeah I Know It Sucks.
So let the feast begin! One of the finest residents of Springfield is without doubt musician Sven Sundberg.

^ this is Sven Sunberg, aka 'the finest musician in Springfield'

^ this is Sven Sundberg, aka ‘the finest musician in Springfield’

He is the man legendary known in his surroundings as the one you go to for specialized melodic instrumental music. If you arrive at his digital online home on the internet you will be able to read exactly what Sven is all about:

Sven Sundberg specializes in creating melodic instrumental pop gems; from soft adult contemporary to pop to remixes with modern beats, Sven’s melodies are simple without being flashy or overdone. Sven uses the perfect blend of piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and keyboard to craft timeless music for all generations.

Everything that you have read above is true. And the term ‘timeless music’ simply underlines the popularity of the music by ages, ways of life and religions. His music is played without prejudges towards anyone; there is no hate within it, no dividing messages; it is music coming from a good place and heart bringing melodies with love to all walks of life in Springfield and beyond.

There is only so little I can type as the intimate music of Sven Sundberg speaks for its own,
so you better open your ears for one of Springfield’s finest music makers at the following link:

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1 Response to Sven Sundberg – Intimacy: A Collection

  1. Sven says:

    Reblogged this on Sven Sundberg and commented:
    Wow, I think I made a new friend! This was posted a few months ago, but I just came across it now. Awesome!

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