The Elite – Goose ‘Em Up

1Artist: The Elite
title: Goose ‘Em Up
keywords: a tune, Springfield, alternative
words by: Marche Somspin

In Springfield they have many creative and interesting characters, but no one speaks as much to the imagination as the wordsmith Skip Skiffington. Many times I wanted to write about him and his works as an artist, but always seemed to have ‘skipped’ it for later. As we are nearing the ultimate successful Springfield weekend here at ‘yeah I know it sucks’ it would be very awkward to skip ‘Skip Skiffington again.

Skip Skiffington is such an important character in the Springfield music scene that out of all the many Springfield artists that we discussed here this weekend (4?!) it is fair to say that he is the most important. In fact, he might be the solid real reason why we went for the ‘Springfield weekend’ in the first place.

Of course this would be a great opportunity to inform you all about Skip Skiffington, but somehow (by miraculous ways!) there is a splendid documentary made about him; definitely worth your time (if you have a lot of time in your hands), as it probably tells you much more than any typed word here could cover.

Next to the documentary documenting Skip Skiffington in a personal road trip kind of way, there are many music videos starring Skip Skiffington. But out of all the amazing stuff out there, his performance as the singer in ‘The Elite’s Goose ‘Em Up is definitely one of the best vocal performances on earth. Skip Skiffington uses his brain to mathematically sing on top in a way science and reason would be standing next to the sideline watching with open ears and eyes. His voice here is almost Homer Simpson like (a famous Springfield resident & television personality) and it’s just… Wow… Each and every time this tune seemed to blows me away! Might this bring you tremendous joy too:

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