Rare Candy – Rare Candy

artist: Rare Candy
title: Rare Candy
keywords: experimental, acoustic, pop, free improvisation, noise , shoegaze, Harrison
reviewer: Willem van O.

Rare Candy does its best to give that candid candy flavor to its very own ‘rare candy
EP. In a easy going way the music seems to reveal a spiritual psychedelic world in which music and voice come together for out of this world trip purposes. The voice of Rare Candy hums away its words in thick depth, while the strange music seems to carry out a feverish kindness of rhythm and odd warmth.

Rare Candy's head

Rare Candy’s head

The brewing music soup will continue throughout the works of three tracks, making listening listeners feel as if they are probably inside the head of creator ‘Rare Candy’ after eating some very special (probably not entirely legal) Rare Candies. A very ‘high’ feeling is what seems to make these songs so smooth. hot and listenable. Perfect material to hear when you are out of your mind, and need some music to be your friendly companionship.

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