See Pereria – On(e)

artist: See Pereria
title: On(e)
keywords: electronic, experimental, instrumental, Sheffield

See Pereria is the one delivering the ‘On(e)’ in its electronic coat of coolness & perfection. See Pereria’s EP begins with ‘Ceres’ which features a bubbled up baseline, funky acid looniness and a sensual voice that sings as if she is one human synthesizer that keeps the humanity within this midnight groove of a tune.

The second track named ‘Eris’ has a very nice moving baseline, and spiritually fitting vocals. At times I feel like its having a similar effect on my ears as the big ‘I feel Love’ hit by Donna Summer, but then something more celtic, mystical… something that wouldn’t be out of place heard through a valley blasted from the top of a large hill with lookout.

The last track is ‘Leda’ which uses a nice dubby scene to fly away on. It has a relaxing vibe, tickling drum and yet again the vocal to die for. Even though these tracks might be considered solidly instrumental works; I think without the vocal use as a instrument the music wouldn’t be as alive and breathing as it is now. Check it out over here:

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3 Responses to See Pereria – On(e)

  1. Feminatronic says:

    Reblogged this on Feminatronic and commented:
    Recently See Pereria linked with Feminatronic on Twitter so this review was a pleasant surprise to come across today.
    Courtesy to Yeah I Know it Sucks for the review reblog.

  2. Sara says:

    Only just seen this – thanks so much for the review!

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