poppy nogood – moment of truth

artist: poppy nogood
title: moment of truth
keywords: expérimental, avant, bedroom, bedroom pop, electronic,emotional,house,emotive,laptop,lo-fi,sad,soul, California

The truth with poppy nogood’s moment of truth is that it’s bloody good. I mean bloody good as in it being perfect. (suddenly the red color of this release it’s artwork also makes bloody sense!) I know it’s hard to deal with compliments, either it being compliments to you or to someone else; but I feel it’s the only option I can do: complimenting the goodness. poppy nogood wrote on the info part of the  bandcamp page the following touching words:

“sometimes I get lonely, so I make my own friends”

And dammit, considering that these four tracks are poppy nogood’s self-made friends, it actually makes sense why they are so perfect and diverse. Let me first introduce friend number one ‘out in the rain’; this is not only poppy nogood’s friend but definitely my kind of friend too! This friend is simple, and simply perfect in all shape and form. It’s electronic loop based music but done in such a way that every repetition gets this little touch up at the right places and times; building up a excellent build-up of a instant chill dance track so good that you want to hear it over and over again. The little percussive high hats, the deep bass, the looped melodies and warm synth works on top; it’s perfect. poppy nogood created the best possible friend ever, one you can trust, one you can hold on too, one to have fun with & one who understands… truth!

Friend number 2 is ‘tossed’ which has all these other friendly characteristics, and this friend is so good in its own right. The happy feel good swing, the perfect vocals that deliver a smooth sunshine in a eighties way. The pleasant baseline, the fine spacious sound production; this friend is the one that take you out by the hand, drives you on a brand new adventure aka the nearest ice cream van for ice-cream and milk cookies! A adventurous friend who always brings the good vibes wherever you need them.

Of course out of all the friends that the artist could build, there is the ‘bruised’ one. This friend is the one who you can seek comfort in, with sensual violin skills of emotions, pretty devotional piano flows and a calming voice that will be there for you. With a friend like this, you will never run out of comfort, ‘bruised’ will give you a hug…

After all these cool and good friends, poppy nogood also included the friend who likes to party. This is ‘life after life’ and with its pounding electric heartbeat the friend quickly takes each listener on a splendid roll. The more you hang out with ‘life after life’ the better, deeper and more wonderful the friendship gets. In the end the friendship becomes a total bliss with spacious love synthesizers sparkling every facet of this friendship. It’s not only poppy nogood’s friends that are good friends to our ears, it’s also poppy nogood the artist self who might be considered our dearest new friend. Considering that poppy nogood shares these good friends with anyone who tunes into this pretty release! Good friends for all, better share them among your own friends:

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