Scapa Flow – Diseased, Pleased

Artist: Scapa Flow
title: Diseased, Pleased
keywords: electronic, industrial, noise, noise rock, rock, post-punk, Miami

Scapa Flow makes itself at home in an instant. With a short exposure of a persisting doubt Scapa Flow pulls open the ears to parade in with a great noisy fierceness. Guitar works are as fuzzy as a flexible rusty blade and Scapa Flow marches within this stampede of grandiose entertainment like a punk dinosaur. Scapa Flow has a presence you can’t ignore, and just hearing the music from the inner parts of the skull is enough to convince that the music on its own has this sparkle of raw magic too.

It’s like instant voodoo; music with a rough aura around it, giving you no other option then to look up, hear and feel this music. An email informs that Scapa Flow does a lot of gigs and this music proofs why: character, instant transportation in to the flow of Scapa Flow and I bet ya that Scapa Flow will be the shining middle point when walking into a joint. There is something explicable dirty about how it comes across and certainly Scapa Flow isn’t the princess on the ball with sparkles in the hair; but there is something that keeps eyes and ears into a fine stare of delicious flabergasm. Dirtiness is something intriguing and magic; just think of GG Allin taking a shit on stage, everyone loves that guy!

Cleanse’ is even a top notch nastier, there is a energetic energy within the tough music, rambling hard like a determent platoon of trigger happy fingers who replaced regular weaponry with instruments. The voice of Scapa Flow is amazing here; sung as if it’s far from impressed and without the slightest sing of intimidation: Scapa Flow’s voice sounds like a never falling Rocky Balboa after a whole lot of punches; a stronghold that will never hit the ground!

^ the amazing Rocky Balboa

^ the amazing Rocky Balboa

subversion (holy red)’ is in my humble opinion (yeah I know; nobody cares, it’s your own opinion that does…) the hit on this release. It got everything right in a wrong but right way. It’s the kind of tune that will be stuck in the head, sitting on your brain whining to you play it on repeat to fulfill a strange satisfaction. The steady beat, the poking baseline and the way the voice is imprinted are making me feel like I’m listening to a industrial classic as heard from a different dimension..

The last tune is ‘informant’ and this brings back the tension of intentional energy in rough rhythmic electric guitar strings, and moments that feels as if poisonous sounds are coming out to fill up the entire area with toxic fumes and infuriating smoke. The voice of Scapa Flow is one with the poison here as he fills up the flames with fuming sounds of a mixture of pain and glory. It’s wildly exciting and you know it’s waiting for you at the following kinky link:

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