Bottlesmoker – Bottlesmoker On The Other Hands; Hypnagogic Remix

Artist: Bottlesmoker
title: Bottlesmoker On The Other Hands; Hypnagogic Remix
keywords: electronic, Indonesia, bottlesmoker, electronica, experimental,chiptune,hypnagogic, pop, remix, Sounthend On Sea
artist website:
label: Wrieuw Recordsings

Hello and welcome at another ‘review’, or perhaps better described as an amount of gibberish words that doesn’t make much sense at all when not hearing the tunes that they are on about. So before we continue (if you had the intention!) might I invite you first to move over to Wrieuw Recordings and download this free (and very fun and friendly!) brand new release of the lovely Bottlesmoker from Indonesia, with friends making new versions of the cute Bottlesmoker classics? It’s 20 tracks long and all superbly sweet, adorable, lovely and fun material made out of remixes of original Bottlesmoker tunes! You can download or stream the album over here: (highly recommended!)

Okay, now that you have done that, I think my secret task has been fulfilled already.
But if for whatever reason you need words to read, then please be my guest and enjoy some individual ramblings for each lovable tune on this album below:

Bottlesmoker – Aurora Twin (Little Penguin Remix)
With a lovely piano loop and atmospheric bright sounds of lovely mystery the first remix introduces itself in a kind way. The magic within this remix is probably a result of the glorious build up, giving the perfect timing for people to think about what is going on music wise, or simply to adjust their heads in order to prepare for one layer of prettiness over the other.

You can hear the music as if it’s a painting, getting more details and color the more it progresses. It’s a loop based production with a magnificent sentimental look and feel to it. I experienced it like going for a flight in an airplane that is 100% made by knitted wool, obviously done by well-crafted people. Do any of my words make sense? I’m apparently sleeping while typing, so basically the knitted airplane is flying on automatic pilot.

Bottlesmoker – Love Saturday (Andezzz Saturdaze Remix)
From here the dream flight is nicely flying stable in the air, the seat belts are not needed anymore and everyone is relaxing & doing their lovable things above the clouds. The music is superbly chill, with sweet finger snaps, lovely on board melodies that twinkle like little stars. There is nothing to worry here, as everything is cute, lovely and steady within this realm.

Bottlesmoker – Pixel Heart (Sansalvadore Remix)
A little turbulence might occur in this nice space synth rocker over here. A rolling stable beat provides the mattress that guitar and synthesizer solos are jumping on in a firm and friendly form of togetherness. It’s sweet, a bit more leather-jacket material; a perfect moment to order a bottle and smoke it for the ultimate cool effect.

Bottlesmoker – Roses (feat. Cokiyu)(Bossbattle Remix)
The dream flight of the remix album of Bottlesmoker and friends continues with a more dreamy approach in which angelic voices color the ears red of pure prettiness. After a sweet and almost hallucinating audio part the sound of music becomes more clear; perfect for a nice rock and roll moment with the airplane of dreams hostesses.

Bottlesmoker – Dusk Eyes (360 Remix)
The sweet moments of love are everywhere within this album, and especially over here! Lovely melodies of a fun and soothing kind, teaming up with a nice kick for energetic niceness. There are lovely acid flavors, the sweet synthesizers of pure goodness and ultimate Flair’s of warmth. It’s so good! I’m saying no to sleep as this love trip makes me want to be awake!

Bottlesmoker – City Riding: Morning Tea (The Happy Club Remix)
Thick synthetic bass sounds are wobbling my internal organs, while lovable percussion originalities decorate the inner earlobes. It’s a true love fest that is being exposed here, music and melody, sounds; you name it; it’s wonderful and so lovable!

Bottlesmoker – City Riding: Morning Coffee (Bagus AS Remix)
Same can be said about this adorable tune over here, minus perhaps the heavy bass and percussions so distinctively heard in the previous work; but so much fun & so lovable. It’s as a Wrieuw recordings fan, very ‘Wrieuw’ as the label is probably well established in having a high cute ranking among any other label that we know off.

Bottlesmoker – Frozen Scratch Cerulean (Shakaboyd Remix)
Time to play a little game on the on board entertainment computer as that’s what this tune feels so inviting for. Lovely 8bit sounds that go all the way from cuteness to hardcore bleep actions! This tune really got a party going on with amazing trail blazing wicked buildups, breakdowns and rhythmic attacks! A true topper & so entertaining!

Bottlesmoker – Boredom and Freedom (Cerumentric Remix)
After the brilliant action moves of love this tune brings in a well needed easy going pace to this amazing compilation. Melodies are sparkling, soaking my ears up like delicious candy does for the tongue. The beat is big but it’s the melodic trip that really gets the best out of the Bottlesmoker remix project. When a woozy blubbery baseline pops in you might experience the manic need to dance to this fine tune and it’s fantastic sounds.

Bottlesmoker – Divine Abode (CP1K Remix)
From here a fine moment of groove and eclectic sensibility moves out and about. The rhythm is prominent in beat and sound & it’s as bright as sunlight falling through the windows of a sporting complex. The beat sometimes makes me think of a basketball or a Sport shoe marking the floor.

Bottlesmoker – Jacob Jung (Wiyana Sakti Remix)
A house beat might be totally unexpected on this release, but when it comes with a smooth electric baseline and the super melody to be instantly smitten about; all will be perceived as delicious and convenient. Its here that the airplane if dreams seem to take a quicker speed towards a tropical party island full of sunshine and love!

Bottlesmoker – Vagabond (Noisynoise Remix)
Strange sounds, background clutters and other sweet mumblings are the backdrop for this lovable piece of work here. When the mood of love is set a sparkling happy plastic beat rolls itself in with pure pleasure and the candid melodies in bright and happy flavors will simply take it away from there. This is love music at its finest, cutest, and richest! Sweet and superbly positive!

Bottlesmoker – Free Hugs (Farly Remix)
The remixes on this compilation are such a turn on! All of them have taken the original Bottlesmoker tunes with respect and brought their own interpretation to the original originals. This tune is giving the tune a nice electronic rhythm with here and there some hip hop influences, but in general keeping the melodies merry, sweet and adorable.

Bottlesmoker – Glitter of Sunrise (Carlo Remix)/
Deep house is also something that strangely wasn’t expected on this collection of generous love music, but it seems that this is the remix that goes towards this deep way. The beat is contagious and smooth, with a soothing build up and moving warmth coming in woozy synth bass form. I kinda miss the cute Bottlesmoker sounds here, but on the other hand the minimalism of this tune is something that is actually a welcoming difference. Sexy!

Bottlesmoker – Le Voyage (GYLD Remix)
Chiptune ravers represent yourself as here the happy happening comes out in its own right. A pounding bass kick and enough beeping melodies to make you dance, smile and enjoy! Let’s rave and be happy!

Bottlesmoker – Lucid Pillow (Malikzzz Remix)
This tune is made for the club, it features everything that the club heads would go crazy for; the delicate breakdown of melody, the technoid infectious baseline, the wicked wacko beats to get the dance floor into a hot mess!

Bottlesmoker – Phony (Junichi Usui Remix)
probably the most experimental remix on this wondrous compilation is the one you could hear over here. It presents a nice cut n paste progress with bright and warm sound paths that purely come across as rays of sunshine. There are telephone noises, soft hiss and other stuff and it’s chilling and relaxing in an interesting way. This might be my personal favorite on this compilation, not only because of how nice it sounds, but also because of its originality.

Bottlesmoker – Inconsolable Rooftop Club (Pram3Adji Remix)
This is quite an amazing remix, giving the sweetness of Bottlesmoker a trance club banger style and surprisingly it works! It wouldn’t be out of place at all to hear this being spin around by big deejays that sniffed a bit too much powder and where heading over to the happy side. Such a gift to all the garbage of music that is out there; great!

Bottlesmoker – Equilibrium Drifts (BIMSKI Remix)
And it’s not even over! As this tune would be a perfect one to hijack hardcore flubbers and spread love and glitter all over their heads in a fine Bottlesmoker way. The melodies and slick audio production are making the underground love sounds into something that could pop easily above ground in order to hopefully drag some people down under to be filled up by the original love within the music.

Bottlesmoker – Hypnagogic (Avonturir Remix)
Last is a dubby drum n base mix in which everything gets quite funky in a synthetic feel good way. It’s the tune for green puff bottle smokers, who enjoy the huff and puff on a more upbeat session. It’s a nice ending that invites active listeners to give high kicks and throw locks of hair in the crowd!

And with this, this amazingly album of pure love, melodies, beats and happiness had come to an end. If you didn’t listen to me at the beginning of this post (I don’t blame you) then let me repeat: download this album right now! Because it’s amazing and definitely a record made with love…
Oh and it’s free!! Enjoy!

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