Chimney Crow – 17 Guns

artist: Chimney Crow
title: 17 Guns
keywords: experimental, electronic

Chimney Crow’s ’17 Guns’ is one of these tunes that simply never bores.
You can hear it over and over again, and still enjoy it without ever feeling slightly annoyed.
Unless of course if you are that 17 guns owner that this song is about, then you are probably feeling it right in the gut.

From a good source we heard that this song is all based on truth, a true experience of a mad men driving by. It’s a side of the human race that are quite off, a little bit scary and perhaps mentally problematic; we hope the gun owner found some peace of mind or simply something else to do then bothering the legendary Chimney Crow at his crib.
But in a way, we must thank the 17 guns owner too as if it wasn’t for his likeness to drive by the house of Chimney Crow, this song and the respectable now 2 official video clips for it; wouldn’t have existed! So thank you, thank you very much!

Not so long a go we featured the first video clip showing the amazing dancer Diana Campanell moving to this tune in pure perfection,
but now it’s time to bring Chimney Crow himself into the picture!
Don’t worry ‘Diana Campanell’ will still be there moving around like a well skilled ballerina, but the video got simply more real by showing Chimney Crow in his house through the outside windows & the sharp knife that is mentioned within these fine lyrics & other beautiful on scene locations!
But even though there is a great story to this tune, making it more real then anything else; it’s the catchy baseline and inviting hooks that makes this tune into a TUNE!
Check it out people, check it out:

If you enjoyed the song, why not enjoy the entire album that it had came from?
It’s called ‘Chimney Crow is a band’ and can be obtained over here:

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