Cynthia Cruz – Singing in the rain

1artist: Cynthia Cruz
title: Singing in the rain
keywords: hobby, singing, rain, video

Singing in the rain is one hobby practiced by many, but  noticed by few. its more fun and safer then singing in a blazing fire, or in the middle of a blizzard, yet its a hobby that needs luck and skills; it isn’t always raining & not everyone is equipped with a voice to sing with. On the days that the rain doesn’t come out to play many rain singers will turn to their showers to sing. the artificial flow of raindrops are great for practicing the art, but nothing beats the feeling of ‘singing in the rain’ aka the real deal.

Cynthia Cruz is someone who obviously enjoys the hobby, and unlike many, managed to capture a perfect singing in the rain session with her camera. Everything is right, and coming across as highly professional; she even brought an umbrella. Her voice is sounding sublime; obviously well trained with enough rehearsals and real life practical lessons. The rain in the captured session is no second grade either, bringing a perfect balance between voice, rain, styling and choice of location like no other ‘singing in the rain’ hobbyist had captured before.

So please do enjoy Cynthia Cruz’s singing in the rain & observe, learn and perhaps even get inspired. Here it is, with a proud voice and full respect

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