Lien Void – Industrial Heart

artist: Lien Void
title: Industrial Heart
keywords: experimental, dark, ambient, noise, schizophrenic, shaman,

Lien Void described herself as a Schizophrenic shaman, trans girl and noise experimental artist from Czech Republic. she write that she traveled from town to town in Europe but never found anything or anyone to aim her love to other then the moon & probably ‘you’ the potential listener of her music.

^ Lien Void

^ Lien Void

her album ‘Industrial Heart’ is recorded in Czech Ústí nad Labem, a town of factory workers… a short description goes like this:

even in the factory there is a place for art, so we can hear in 4th track Vietnamese jaw harp’s playing. It’s about social problems and unemployment, homeless people and demonstrations for ecology and so on here in Ústí. In the end a girl buys a ticket to Prague with hope to leave this place of her broken dreams to start a new life in the heart of Europe, Mother of Cities Prague…

The description might reveal a bleak foresight in what would appear to be the music on ‘industrial heart’, but at the same time also extremely intriguing and real; nothing beats music that is based on real life, a life that isn’t perfect but always leaves some door open for change and dreams.

The album start straight away with this realness when it simply presents the actual sounds of being hard wt work in the factory assemblage progress. it makes me wonder what is being made in this factory, but it also captures the real life scene of being a repetitive mind numbing job. Beyond the sound of mechanics and machinery you can also hear human life of the employers manufacturing things; you can hear their friendly voices chattering for small amounts while the job in front of the recording device continues like there will be no tomorrow.

The rattling of tools, small drills, so many sounds that actually as an outsider could sound like a fun job for a day, but every day might turn one’s mind into that of a robot I guess. The second track is featuring a different setup of factory sounds, its strangely pleasant for an outsider (like me and you?) to hear. I guess nothing beats the sound of work when you yourself aren’t the one whose working. If that’s not enough, Lien Void then brings us to the canteen obviously for a little revenge; it’s less nice to hear other people eating and taking a break then eating and enjoying a break for yourself. Still it is nice that the artist covers the whole story, and not leaves the good things out.

And indeed the promised fun at the workplace also appears when a mouth harp colorfully brings the joy of its sound to the factory floor; life isn’t so bleak after all. Or is it? Lien Void also takes the willing ears to a social Department situation among other things and locations. I think the moral of this album is that even though sometimes life seems to be ‘sucking’ big time, there is always something beautiful to discover.  I mean hear all these factory sounds presented in these tracks, they are actually quite interesting and where else would we be able to hear them from so upfront and close without the recording capabilities of Lien Void? It’s an interesting peek in another life, and the sound at the end of buying a ticket out of there is quite a positive ending for all involved. Tune in over here:

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