Floral – The Second Floral EP

artist Floral
title: The Second Floral EP
keywords: experimental, rock, indie, instrumental, mathrock, pop, progressive, California
reviewer: Willem van O.

It’s my first time listening to Floral & it’s as if I’m tested on sanity. The music is original, especially when you find out that it’s just done with basic things like guitar, bass and drums (or so i presume). It’s the way of the structures on these tracks that Floral plays that are the original ones. They are on one hand very technical, intelligent sounding; a well-structured and thought out form of music that seemingly goes all over the place. Perhaps difficult to describe in a sensible way, but perhaps you could think for a bit like mathematics applied to music, it’s that kind of intelligent music, which is nice from a technical play-wise, but as a no-brainer myself it’s in all honesty a bit much sometimes.

In the beginning I felt it was Floral doing a real life action of ‘glitching’, that’s how much my own brain was twitching in order to try to comprehend what exactly was going on within this music; the sounds so nice and sunny & yet so smart that relaxed listening almost felt like a disrespectful thing to do. I mean me as a dumb listener listening to all these intelligent music pieces was slightly frying my brain, difficult material to grasp and yet camouflaged in a setup of instruments that are seemingly so kind and pleasurable.

For some reason i feel this album is better heard by people who are actually using their brains at the same time of the listening session. Maybe while studying, trying to feed the brain with info for an upcoming exam, or perhaps while doing the accountants or even the hazardous task of filling in the tax papers; something equally intensive and smart will probably make these tracks by Floral more understandable and digest able. But who knows, maybe you have brainpower enough to be able to relax and chill while Floral thinks up these music progressions for you. In any way, if I was a scientist I would be chilling out on Floral that’s for sure! Here it is, my intelligent friend, the link that will help you further:

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