Teen Suicide – ‘Sonic Youth’ 7”

Artist: Teen Suicide
title: ‘Sonic Youth’ 7”
keywords: experimental, Earth
format: black vinyl (500 copies)
label: Joy Void Recordings
reviewer: Willem van O

For a project named ‘teen suicide’ the two songs on this 7″ are sounding delightfully positive. It’s the odd ball music that so quickly passes on that it’s like eating small samples of a good tasting cake; it’s enough to sample the flavor and taste but not enough to be able to say ‘I’m full’.

This 7″ leaves me far from full actually, so in practical sense of the word it probably means to bite these music bits over and over again until you have sampled enough to feel full filled and satisfied. I do not have the time to hear these two friendly short sounding tracks on repeat, so I’m probably missing out on that form of total satisfaction, and yet I feel to have tasted enough to get a hint of its appeal to odd ball hippy-risqué crowds that secretly love the beachboys , the occasional ‘Beatles’ and all who prefers collecting  7″ records above strawberry and banana cakes. (Or perhaps collectors of both!) In all kindness, it’s fair to say it’s somewhat a delicate delicatessen for the true collector:
pre-listen to these songs over here:

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