Pinar – Summer Tears

Artist: Pinar
title: Summer Tears
keywords: electronic, choir, ethereal, female, Istanbul, operatic, piano, Turkish,

I’ve been listening to a brand new album by Pinar on the section27 label and was quite intrigued by the combination of electronic and almost classical sounding vocals of the artist. If you have time you should definitely check it out by yourself; I would have written something about it over here but my battery is running out; so before it does let me tell you something about this single from Pinar her official bandcamp account: it’s dramatic to the max & that’s a good thing in this case!

Pinar provides her ‘summer tears’ in music form in such a way that your own tears might pop up to check out what triggered them. Pinar brings piano like keys with a mix of darker synthesized sounds to bring a melancholic mood that climbs to a thrilling highlight towards the end of it all. The melody and sounds used is one thing; but her voice is a not unimportant other factor to make this song into what it is. It’s full of tension that does the conversation of words justice, and even teams up with some electric beat to keep its pulse alive and kicking.

For people with an high interest in the sound and feel of Pinar, but not a lot of time on their hands as we speak (or read!) ; this ‘single’ might be the perfect solution to hear quickly and sufficiently. It captures a certain essence, ‘a pillar of Pinar’ so to speak, that will capture an audio fragrance that might stimulate you enough  to create future prospects for hearing more from where this had come from. So here is the link, use it well;

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