Technicolor Sewer (the living-room trio musicians from Rotterdam)

1Artist: Technicolor sewer
keywords: organs, mono-synths, echos & no MIDI or sequencers, living room music,

Sanja, George, & Dimitris walked into a living room in Rotterdam…

That could have been a great start for a lame joke, and yet it is the truth. These three people are presumable good and tight friends, and they love this living room very much. It’s not so much the case of it being a room to live in, but with these three friends it turned into a room to make music in.
Sania, George, & Dimitris are what you could call ‘living room music makers’,
and well… they are pretty good at it!

They are so compatible together that their musical living room experiments are gradually filling up an online sound cloud account. Sound cloud is this website where everyone post music as if it’s in the air; Personally I always feel a bit like it’s too untouchable; music that is there but (just like a cloud) can move on, or simply vaporizes somewhere along the digital world. Which with so many music on these sound clouds; a true shame.. I mean, they are so good; make them of solid material, something that can never fly away but something that can be cherished forever…

But let’s forget the sound cloud paranoia of your reviewer, and dive indeed into this sound cloud that these friends Sanja, George & Dimitris had created with their living room music pieces. An email from these friends reveal that they use organs, mono-synths, and echos – live, without MIDI & sequencers to make these living room music works. And sure thing, upon hearing these works you might indeed hear these tools of the music trade shine through in the music, although the part of them using no MIDI & sequencers is difficult to hear. (Perhaps because you can’t hear the MIDI & sequencers that they are not using…)

the kitties did it.

I don’t know where to start with these tracks on their sound cloud account, so let’s pick the first one.
Music wise it’s a bit like listening to space kitties that elegantly hoover the surface of a superbly clean and hygienic satellite. It’s modern, cute and furry; something cats from outer space would probably purr upon.

tension in delftseplein.

Then there is this track, it has a more rocky vibe, but not like that off sweaty men who sing that they want to be a dog’, but more something that would fit more spaced out rockers. You know people who are off their tits from either a fair amount of special mushrooms, or simply get off on psychedelic music that no other mindful stimulant is needed. Let’s say its groovy, as that’s the word that psychedelic people in the Woodstock zones would say to each other when hearing this ‘tension in deltseplein’, if it had existed back then…

they know.

This track is probably their best material to date. It’s the music you want to crawl up against, not so much for it to give you a cuddle; but just because you want to be close enough to hear the odd tones f*cking your brain in such a polite matter. My dog (who sits next to me) doesn’t seem to like it that much… But we all know that dogs are pretending to have better ears then us humans… I can’t believe it really considering how hairy the insides of my dog’s ears are…

perpendicular 1 & 2.

Oh this is quite lovely what these friendly friends have done here in their living room; a lovely subtle music piece that comes across quite sleepy and dreamy. It’s like a warm soft cloud of kindness blowing sweet sounds in your face at a kind pace.

roze olifant.

It is here that I imagine these friends sitting or half lying on an old couch, staring at the ceiling while tripping balls and making music at the same time. There is a nifty little melody here, something that makes me think of ‘riverdance’ on acid. Some Irish woman hopping around while kicking legs like a little horsey galloping over the sound cloud of Rotterdamish living room music pieces.

measures and frequencies.

It’s not their greatest work, but yet there is something that makes it interesting: Is it the combination of some darker elements mixed with the bleepy cuteness? It’s getting nicer the longer you listen, as it’s perhaps one of these tracks that simply have to grow on you (or me in this case…) .

 mr van den berk’s rem phase.

The friendly friends like to dress their living room up with delightful ambient music, and this track over here is quite something to have in your own living room. It’s kind and atmospheric; dreamy enough to bring out the candles and stare at a flame.

video sweet green.

This is the last one my sound cloud agenda, and it’s here that I would like to mention that these three friends call themselves ‘technicolor sewer’ , which is (in my honest opinion) a very pretty name. It fits their sounds too, and it fits the music.  This last track has some seventies vibe going on, something that makes me feel liberated in a relaxed way; music like this is so warm and free that it wouldn’t be weird to put of all your clothes off and listen to it in your birthday costume.

For  these sounds by Technicolor sewer, please check their cloud:

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