I love Alien Pop Band!

The combination of aliens and bands are one that you can’t miss out on. In general I’ve been staring at the sky in the hope to see some landing in the garden for a performance of a life time; but it’s not been very fruitful; YouTube is where it’s at.

The alien pop band is one that is clearly visual and audible on this platform; making me wonder why all these people searching for proof for alien life forms while it’s right there, making music & videos! Every time a new music videoclip pops up I’m all on it; stuck with my head as close to the screen like a puppy in front of a window, super enthusiastic pushing the volume up and the visuals loudly beamed directly into my skull.

It’s like a injection of alien culture that always gets me excited; wanting to scream around to others with phrases like ‘hey look and hear this shit! It’s amazing!’. It’s so amazing that it’s by far from shit, and these visual aspects of this alien pop band are ones so original that it will not just inspire; it will blow your mind.
Blowing your mind in a sexy way, because the art of alien pop band is quite erotic, yet very descent and high upon the ‘art’ scale.

And ‘art’ it is in all aspects, and own pop band exposes it’s art in thrilling improvisational self claimed exhibitions inside telephone boots and risky elevator cubicles. Not sure if Alien Pop Band ever got arrested for its street wise art exhibitions , but if so; the immigration police would have a lot of paperwork to do considering it the work of an alien, eh?

So with this mindless rambling text of total alien pop band appreciation, I’ll include some of the brand new videos of this alien music and art phenomena. It’s a combination that is coming across so naturally received, that if you need a real Alien Pop Band to infect you with amazing stuff, then you better click and hear these outputs among my words. Or visit the following sources for your own convenience:

Alien Pop Band on YouTube:
the official Alien Pop Band music release page:

Oh good lord, how I love Alien Pop Band!
a Alien Pop Band fan

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