Il Culo di Mario – La chitarra è magica

1Artist: Il Culo di Mario  
title: La chitarra è magica
keywords: Psychedelic pop, noise pop, lo-fi, freak folk, avant-garde, indie rock, experimental, video

The following video brings so many druggie moments to the mind. I don’t know if you’ve ever ‘experienced’ trashing yourself so much while being at a setup of stuff to crash yourself into? Random bags of garbage, sofas, or pillows that suddenly function like a true Walhalla? Or what about other moments of being so out of it, that you simply can’t stop stroking your own knees, because it just felt so good?

This video clip brings this Walhalla to the non-drugged up viewer, (and to the drugged up ones too, of course), shining a precious light on these kind of situations from a seemingly sober perspective.  The drug used here is not the ones they wage a ‘so called’ huge war on, but it’s a thing called ‘magical guitar music’. It is administered by a responsible audio dealer who shows up in this video with a speaker full of sound.

The user is instantly digging what the audio drug dealer is unleashing into his ears,
and for sure (if you have the audio volume up) you might even feel the buzz from your own viewer’s perspective. From here the soon-to-be intoxicated music lover is over the moon from excitement; making the perfect Walhalla situation of things to jump and crash in, something to envy and adore.

Here the magic guitar music user is tripping out, feeling the happy endorphins well within his ears and rest of the body. With full on energy the person flips his body into the environment and even has a miraculous adventure; fighting off another tripped out music user. It’s a trip, a blast and good scientific fun!

And the potent ingredient of this drug is of course ‘La chitarra è magica’ made in the secret lab from the good vibes people at Il Culo di Mario.
What else does one want more, what else do you need then a bit of healthy fun from these professional Psychedelic pop, noise pop, lo-fi, freak folk, avant-garde, indie rock, experimental music dealers from Milan?

You can buy this fun tune over at the official music store named Itunes,
among others (as it’s part of a split with nobody less then youtube phenomenon musician; Alessandro Top.) Come on, check this out:

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