Michalina Daszyńska – Digital piano werks vol. 1

Artist: Michalina Daszyńska
title: Digital piano werks vol. 1
keywords: experimental, classical, piano, modern classical, piano, Poland

The Digital Piano pieces of artist, sound adventurer, composer named Michalina Daszyńska are the ones to check out. In all seriousness, you better hear them as they will bring you great joy and pleasure in a way that it finally might replace that Chet baker album that you had been hearing on repeat.. This material is atmospheric, intelligent, mellow and sweet in all its facets. It might be the case that when you hear it, you automatically will agree with me that this might be the most loved and cherished brand new music album among all the relaxed stuff in your collection. And there is no tooth less singing trumpet player, which is a refreshing element that you’ll probably will love in an instant.

Without overreacting Michalina Daszyńska’s digital piano works are so lovable, and nifty that it’s truly a pleasure to hear at times of relaxing, working, enjoying the good life or sitting in a bath with relaxing aromas floating around. It’s not the usual bombastic piano pieces that this artist had made, it’s the ones that are tip toeing in a polite and brilliant fashion; not wanting to disturb, but yet definitely not just backdrop material. It’s the kind of digital piano compositions that feel a bit like you’ve known them all your life, and can now (like beloved long lost friends) finally embrace them with your own ears again.

It’s an adventurous release with each composition doing its own melodies and structure, yet they stream away in a flow that is not far from perfect. Perfect wouldn’t be good as this kind of music definitely needed that human soul, touch and feel which shouldn’t be perfect to be perfect. I mean even though these works are ‘digital’, a robot would never be able to create these compositions like Michalina Daszyńska did. There is a real humanity captured within these digital piano pieces and I think that that’s the secret why these music pieces are coming across so comforting familiar, and friendly; light weight interesting digital piano pieces with a distinctive heart and soul on display… It’s not perfect, but it’s brilliant!

You are beautiful and so is this music. Get this album over here if you love yourself:

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