Polly Anna – Tenderness

Artist: Polly Anna
title: Tenderness
keywords: acoustic,lgbtq, indie, transgender, San Antonio
reviewer: Willem van O.

Polly Anna’s Tenderness is an album that brings romance, in a super smooth nightly mood. Polly Anna sings with full passion on sensual atmospheric music that feels like the perfect music to hear and share with someone you intimately love and care for. It’s definitely a romantic master piece that will leave many lover rock classics standing next to the side line; so super smooth and gifted this all sounds.

Polly Anna’s stand out song is ‘Foolish Girl’ in which the artist truly howls the words of the lyrics with full passion and care that you will be able to feel the realness of it all. Polly Anna simply means it; and this passionate vibe is absolutely powerful and stunning in its own right.

In ‘Better’ the artist sings on top of the lungs and it’s so impressive; this is the sound of an artist that let it all out in an incredible sounding voice that feels incredible determent to deliver it in an outstanding way. It’s hard to disagree that Polly Anna is bursting with talent and lucky for us; not afraid to use it!

In all seriousness, I might be pretty much blown away of the discovery of these songs and how they are executed. Even the two demo songs are giving me the shivers on my skin; it’s just so real… There are not a lot of artists who have so much talent, and aren’t afraid to use it to express them-self in the good way. Polly Anna is definitely one singing artist that is on a league of its own… Check it out (no joke!) my mind is blown by such an exposure of so much passion and talent!

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