Vomir / Redsk – Split 2012

Artists: Vomir / Redsk
keywords: Split 2012
keywords: HNW, harsh noise wall, harsh noise
label: Trashfuck Records

You can’t say a bad word about the Harsh Noise Wall’s of the legendary Vomir, wherever his work pops up it’s a total hit from start to finish. I never knew Vomir did a split with Redsk (or the other way around) , so when I found out; I couldn’t wait to hear this duo getting cozy together.

Vomir’s ‘untitled’ kicks in like a full frontal punch face that just keeps on crushing deeper and deeper into the skull. It’s an endless steady threat that feels as if this perfectionist had captured the thrilling essence of nothing, and put it all out at once in a massive concrete sound form.

Vomir’s density knows no boundaries and big part of the artist’s appealing magic is that his work never seems to bore. There are a lot of HNW artists today, but there is nothing quite like the master engineer that execute these tracks without ever making a slip-up or a failure; the sound of Vomir is consequent & brutal, a successful product of ‘no ideas’ that will deliver what it had promised.



Everyone has their own valuable reason to like what they hear, but to me personally Vomir always sounds fresh and sparkling without getting a whole garbage bag of drama out and about, or forcing personal things upon its fans and listeners. Vomir leaves thinking outside of his work, which is probably the reason why I would prefer listening to his releases above any ambient production available. It’s harsh, but it is clean; listening to Vomir is like a good scrub that will get rid of the dirt without adding any opinions or external thoughts.

^try  listening to Harsh Noise Walls done by professionals: it might change your life!

^try listening to Harsh Noise Walls done by professionals: it might change your life!

It’s good to mention that in the aspect of live performance, Vomir and Redsk have their different approaches, yet I feel like they are very compatible in stage antics. Of course nobody can top Vomir being the best possible live artist out there, but Redsk can certainly get the atmosphere dense and thick too. They know how to put the pressure on the kettle’ so to speak..

Redsk’s work on the split feels to me like a tribute, a welcoming sound of appreciation of all that Vomir’s sound seems to stand for. It starts a little wonky but it quickly gains the kind thickness of a true HNW classic. The format of this output with a title referencing probably to the legendary stage antics of Vomir is one that sounds as warm and crunchy as it could be. In comparison to Vomir,  Redsk’s ‘Stand There And Do Nothing’ has a little sweetness in it.

^ once you love the wall.. it's all that you want and need to hear.

^ once you love the wall.. it’s all that you want and need to hear.

I can’t say why exactly, as it’s as harsh and steady as it can get, still there is something kind within it. Maybe it’s just my imagination, after all a split among the stars always makes me a bit sentimental. Is it time to throw up, or shall we listen together to this classic split between Redsk & Vomir? Tune in here friend:

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