СТРУП – Я симулирую радость

1Artist: СТРУП
title: Я симулирую радость
cat: FNR133
format: 3’5 floppy diskette limited to 20 copies.
keywords: Philosophical Avantgarde Antisocial/Antihuman Drone Dark Ambient with
some Noise elements from Belarus.
label: Floppy Noise Records https://www.facebook.com/FloppyNoiseRecords/?fref=ts

Music is a word that is way to dull to describe the content on this amazing floppy diskette: really, you won’t believe your ears when you manage to get the sound captured on this floppy going!
It starts with a short rinsing wake-up call that gets instantly splashed in the ears like a high pressure waterfall. From here the thrill is on; excellent hyperactive drums are been played like hell fire, wild sounding crystal clear electric guitars are brought in as if they are an army platoon in a hurry.

It all happens so quickly, they kick in the ears as if it’s a surprise raid and once inside the chief commander pics up a microphone and start rumbling the most fanatic sounding wordy expressions you had ever heard!  The miniature hairs in your ears will bend over from shock as СТРУП exposes its wild side in a rapid speed. Words I don’t understand, yet so violent and passionate; on top of its lungs! Music so wild and yet so determent in its tightness that there is a big chance that your floppy disk drive might catch a fire!
1It’s as heavy as listening to a talented mental collapse of someone who truly believes in something; and will do anything to get its points across. Too bad about the language barrier that the message doesn’t kick in, but the adrenaline rush, the real and raw energy captured on this disk certainly does!
СТРУП throws in one more last thrilling buzz as the final secret weapon and then the thrilling set on this floppy diskette is over! This is not music; this is an energetic outburst!

Get this thrilling diskette over here:

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