Talon – Ducky EP

Artist: Talon
title: Ducky EP
keywords: electronic, experimental, cute, dnb, hardcore, shitcore, United States, fun, cute,
label: Canoncore Records

Ducks, small baby ducks… They are so cute! But because we can’t sit in the park all day staring at them and their cute furry coats, there must be other cute things to get obsessed about? Something active activity to do that will forget these cute little ducks parading around…

Well this happy electronic upbeat source of cuteness might be exactly what you need and want, cute duck lovers! And if you play it loud near a gathering of cute ducks they might even follow you home on their cute little duck feet! I would, and I’m not even a duck. I’m a chicken.

The music on this EP is cute but without being sweet, it’s very active with rhythm and beats, fun sounding choices of electronic sounds and additional samples for additional quirkiness. I certainly recommend it to all those duck lovers out there who are in drastic need for something to get their minds of the cuteness of ducks; it’s good, but sometimes ducks want some privacy.

Although this EP would be perfect for a cute dance party on your own, it might as well be crucial when inviting other duck spotters over for some good old socializing among equals; it’s healthy (as so I was told once) .

Do I really need to say more then ‘quack this out’?


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