INDU MEZU – Noisiki

title: Noisiki
keywords: microsound, glitch, industrial, noise, ambient, lobit
label: 20kbps

Deliciously muffled, warm like a bath full of preheated water and enough bubbly soap bubbles to hide your private parts under. This is how I would describe the overall sound of this release on the 20kbps netlabel.

But there is more to say, as there is of course more to hear! For example the soothing vocoder voices that sounds so soothing and sensual that it’s almost if they soap in your back and neck with a fine touch of gentleness. The music is abstract and yet it’s clearly music; featuring pleasant fragments of melody, original rhythmic artifacts that give a real relaxing sensation to this feel good luxurious session of bathing in underground music.

I would love to sit in this bubble bath of pleasant experimental electronica all day and night long; shrinking every inch of skin until it’s all bubbly and wrapped up too: it’s such a pretty relaxing exposure and yet so full of differences that it will never become something to fall asleep with. It’s like listening to micro adventures that are generously kind to the ears, and enormously good for the mind.

The last part on this interesting release is as if someone told us to go out of this love bath: to get the message across the plug keeping the soap water in is unplugged and the friendliness is being kindly sucked down the drain. But even though this is an action you would rather avoid because the sounds are so pleasant; this whole refreshing happening is a thing that is on it’s own delicious enough not to be enjoyed. The friendly muffled voice of a talking woman bubbles perfectly along the stream of soap water until every drop had gone. Such a relaxing session, and yet so refreshing at the same time! Delicious!

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