BJ SNOWDEN – Witches Prelude

Screen Shot 2558-11-10 at 3.45.43 PMArtist: BJ SNOWDEN
Title: Witches Prelude
Keywords: music, upbeat, witch, fun
Label: Wunderdrug Records
artist website:

It’s perhaps a little bit late to spice up your Halloween, but as the Gothic crowds say that every day of the year is Halloween I don’t see any harm in posting this brilliant music video of BJ Snowden today.

The tune is called ‘Witches Prelude’ and is probably enough material to spice your day up, and probably as well your mood. As who can resist the pounding upbeat keyboard magic of BJ Snowden? And whose ears will not be thrilled to hear her voice taking the shape and form of a happy croaky witch?

Count that the videoclip features BJ Snowden in wigs, feather boa’s, head accessories and above all never ending smile? You will be dancing behind your screens, generating steam from wiggling your feet just in order to create more spooky kooky effects!

Let this be the thrill of your day, any day! Let’s enjoy BJ SNOWDEN’s Witches Prelude like there is no tomorrow!

If you (and why would you not after BJ SNOWDEN putting her spell on you?) like what you have heard in the video above, please be aware that you can support this artist by buying a copy of it over at the Itunes place:

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