Microwave Windows – OP7Remix

Artist: Microwave Windows
title: OP7Remix
keywords: ambient, art, drone, noise, experimental, microwave, soundart, Perth
label: Dog Park Records https://dogparkrecords.bandcamp.com/

Can someone open up the Microwave Windows and let some radiation in? This room really needs some microwaves as it’s just simply too normal in here…

[a volunteer opens up the Microwave Windows]

Ah.. That’s much better… You instantly feel the microwave radiation fill up the entire place; it’s so refreshing, yet warm and cozy like an open wild fire that burns on a steady pace..

The sound that passes through the open gap of the Microwave Windows might not be that of birds chatter, children laughter and summer sounds; yet the crunchiness that it does bring in is neatly getting rid of any unwanted sounds from the outside. Bonus effect is that everything in the room is getting a bit hotter; water in a cup might start to bubble up by itself & old left over foods become eatable again.

Opening the Microwave Windows simply are having much more benefits then just providing a cozy soundtrack for the ears. If you don’t have Microwave Windows, you might get some over at the following link… They are pretty damn handy:

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