Various Artists – Le Petit Mignon Vs Le Cagibi

artists: Various
title: Le Petit Mignon Vs Le Cagibi
format: 7″ + screen printed art book
keywords: experimental, abstract,art, Berlin, electronic, illustration,noise, soundcollage,turntablism, typography, underground art,
label: Le Petit Mignon (staalplaat)

Water drops that give way to a feeling of being at the toiletries of a haunted restaurant in which squeezing old doors open up by themselves and spirits occupy the dinner tables. That’s how it all starts and yet this will not be the way how it all ends. The next phase is a fine vibrant collection of vinyl blobs that come across cozy and full nostalgia. Sounds from different times pop in sporadically telling the title ‘inner dialogues’ under a compelling collection of samples captured by a case of fine plunder phonics. The vinyl dust nicely brings some space for the chatter of happy summer birds, while mysterious classical drone sounds are keeping the tension up and running. Vinyl clicks and abstract hints of violin concertos meet up in the sound of a low flying aircraft. The classic look and feel of mysterious audio presentations clearly form a entertaining and well executed performance as the run time of the work flew by like a good time.

Lucky there is side two on this vinyl for us to be fascinated about. It’s beginning as warm as it is muddy; finding a perfect middle point of rain on a wet thin roof, drought and cozy sound acoustics. Then a strange horn sound comes slipping in providing way for a funky electronic shuffle rhythm that seems to expand into something grotesque and powerful in a pleasant way. Just when the moment comes that you might think its a avant-garde piece made for the dance floor, the work flips in another wild side; something of a much noisier and crunchier order. Still it’s a fun sounding noise, making me feel like a happy bunch of colorful elephants just came through the walls to ask where the party is at?

This 7inch is a collaboration between Staalplaat’s Le Petit Mignon and French screen printing studio Le Cagibi and comes with a book with contributions by Euh… , Hanna Andersson , Rica , Zven Balslev , Alkbazz  ,Oriane Dufort  ,Jeong Hwa Min , James Unsworth , Olivier Texier ,Joe Villion , Mehdi Beneitez  ,Pierre Bolide  ,Audrey Jamme , Arnus  ,Tommi Musturi  ,Aude Carbone , Guillaume Soulatges  ,Mark Clifton  , Joakim Ojanen  ,Toshy , Zeloot  ,Mathieu Desjardins  Francesco Cassi & Jean-Jacques Tachdjian. To be honest, I didn’t read the book; but believe that the audio on this vinyl done by Vinyl – Terror & -Horror & Toys’R’Noise’ is enough reason on its own to get the whole thing if you are able too!

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