Nipples, Swift Noise, Pants & Remixed Pee

1Hello dear Yeah I Know It Sucks visitors. Welcome…
So glad you could make it. Today within this post I would like to make some buzz for some excellent compilations that are out there. I could discuss them separately,
but as I’m running out of ‘life-time’ I will just overwhelm you in one go! Besides why reading about things, if you can hear it all for yourself?

So here we go!

Nipples? Why Nipples? What’s up with nipples?
Well apparently nipples are being discriminated against.
There is some odd thing in the world, and that’s ‘Nipple discrimination’.
For the most part (I presume) most of the humans on earth are equipped with nipples. Big nipples, small nipples, pointy nipples, soft nipples, hard nipples…
Well I guess, all kinds of nipples really…

But strangely the nipples on a male chest are careless and free,
while nipples on females breasts are strangely taboo, or (according to idiotic people on facebook) even offending! This is so weird and odd if you think that you can basically put a man naked with his ding dong covered on your favorite social medium without problem, but a female will be ringing the alarm bells by internal staff and ‘so called’ digital ‘friends’ who flag the picture as nudity.

Come on, people; probably everyone that you know has nipples; what the F is the problem? Who are these people flagging photos for nipples? What is so offending? Don’t they like nipples? I can partly understand that some people don’t want to see vaginas and dicks on a place that might have kids around, but nipples? Even the smallest toddler knows about nipples, and they are sure not offending them; In fact they might get offended when they not get one!

^ happiness

^ happiness

So… to come back to the compilation part of this post… There is this gigantic free compilation available for your entertaining purposes & it’s full of ‘Nipple’ music. It’s basically a reaction to the unfair treatment of the female nipple on that social platform, a statement that received lots of backing from the creative music community who too all have nipples! The compilation is fairly brilliant, full of sexy nipples music, protest nipple music, and relax nipple music.. All kinds of Nipple music really…

It’s organized by the people from Midnight Radio Compilation ( ) in response of some twat reporting a nipple of Julia Zimt, the cover girl of these Midnight Radio Compilations… And as a response, every track on this compilation comes with a unique new picture of Julia which probably all deserve a flag when posted on Facebook. So enjoy the compilation, and be sure to click each track individually in the hope to find more ‘forbidden’ nipples:
Swift Noise.
I can write something here, but the information of this compilation quite frankly does a much better job at telling you what this compilation is all about. So here it is, with little effort from my side) (copy & paste):

In October 2014 a glitch somewhere deep in iTunes occured resulting in the release of Track 03 by Taylor Swift. Over night enough of Swift’s obviously large fanbase had purchased the track to make it go to the #1 spot on the Canadian iTunes charts. So far so ordinary – except: Track 03 was nothing more than 8 seconds of white noise.
Media picked up on the story, fans tweeted to Taylor Swift expressing their wonder about her creative decision on that track and on guy in London – me – hastily (make that: too hastily!) put out an open call for contributions to Swift Noise, so named after a suggestion by Thibault Autheman aka Flux Agency.

There is over a dozen more tracks that are exclusive* to the Swift Noise Soundcloud group:

…It’s me again… the YIKIS correspondent who is taking you through these compilations you should know about… So as you could read above, it’s pretty clear;
65 inspired 8 seconds shift tracks to totally knock yourself out! It’s a wonderful product of the internet, and strangely I think that even Swift herself would appreciate this fine collection of swifteries. Here it is:

Yeah, a compilation celebrating the liberation of Nipples is cool, but what about a compilation surely celebrating the existence of pants! Just like nipples pants come in all kinds and all sizes, colors and shapes. Pants are for everyone, and so is this compilation. A broad gala of pants music that you can download and listen while wearing pants; or perhaps while wearing something else… Perhaps naked… Yes…

Here is a little write up from the SPNet label, just to give this part of the post a little bit more weight:

Pants, yeah, you know, those things that cover your legs; those things that daring women wore in the early 20th century; those sought-after symbols for iron-curtain youth; that article of clothing that Parisian women can now legally wear.  Several SP artists came together to celebrate everything about this versatile staple of the modern wardrobe.

Here it is people, the big (freely downloadable!) Pants compilation:

Pee Remixes.

Oh this compilation is pure nostalgia… it’s been a while, but not long enough to shove this under the carpet; a beautiful compilation of an original urination track remixed by various artists in their own way. Lovely armed with beautiful artwork featuring a doll of Peewee Herman and pees in a pool of pee & you just know it’s one of these compilations that are true and true classy!
You can say a lot of things about this compilation, but you have to admit; urine never sounded so good! Also free download! Weeeeeehhh!!

That’s it… Enough music on these fine compilations to get you going..
Have fun! and thanks again for popping by! see you next time… Adios!

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