Heidi Unterpantsch

artist: Heidi Unterpantsch
keywords: performance, punk, electronic, hardcore, hot,

Heidi Unterpantsch is the person you will see when you search the meaning of ‘Hot’ in the dictionary. She will be there waving to you, and if lucky rubbing your eyes with a body part. If you cannot find Heidi Unterpantsch in the dictionary, you might be happy to know that she is also available to see and hear in full action at the magical video streaming service of Youtube.

Here you can experience the hotness of Heidi Unterpantsch from a safe distance, something that some people might have experienced (or perhaps even experiencing as you read this!) from a much closer and confronting closeness. But these people must have been super lucky as to see Heidi Unterpantsch doing her hot thing in person is probably one of the more exciting (and hot!) experiences a human can experience.

Her live performance show is one like no other; armed with her personality and her body in a Unterpantsch she grabs the attention and turns the place instantly into a hot brewing tense atmosphere in which punkish eroticism prospers. Her voice, a microphone and a megaphone are her weapons to defy her own electronic mayhem that will get the place into an ecstatic orgasmic state.
She performs the hell out of her songs; out of every line of her lyrics she digs up the best & repeat them enough for everyone to be able to catch up, know what it’s about, and perhaps sing along?

Heidi Unterpantsch sings about rubbing body parts, about someone who is very hot, hot & hot. She even gets too hot while performing her ‘Sex with woman’ that she eventually gets rid of some crucial clothing piece to relieve her from the heath & pass it on to an unsuspected woman in the audience… I guess attending Heidi Unterpantsch her performances are risky and frisky, but with the safety of the internet it’s “safe” entertainment for all.

If you like what you heard, and in particular the songs ‘Lichaamsdelen wrijven’ (rubbing body parts) and ‘gay’ you might want to get them on tape over at Barreuh Records:

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