June Lauren Prescott – Hitting 30 For The First Time

Artist: June Lauren Prescott
title: Hitting 30 For The First Time
keywords: classic, composition, ballad, lobit
label: 20kbps http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/

When people hit the 30 years of age they kinda start looking back at their youthful lives and becoming frightened that the age of 50 seems to be closer then 18. Your body suddenly stops growing; might as well be shrinking & bladder problems, stiff legs and muscles pains might introduce them-self right after eating a complete birthday cake in order to fight a ‘goodbye youth & hell I’m old’ depression.

But think about all the good things; growing tall isn’t that great, as a shrinking person you have less chance bumping your head against things. And around 30 pimples will be retreating themselves (if lucky) and probably move to a young teenagers face to give ’em hell. Around this age you are probably aware who you are and who you prefer to hang out horizontally with.
It’s great to have one feet in youth, and the other closer to the grave; it’s almost like having a super power; the best of both worlds!

june lauren prescott’s hitting 30 for the very first time also seem to come and bring the sound of both worlds. It’s sentimental and youthful, yet old and wise; somewhere in the middle. It’s probably a look back to the good old days, student live, Karen Carpenter struggling with anorexia & other mindful thoughts with quite a sentimental value. It’s a seven track album featuring recordings and most (well I think it is) importantly musical melodies that are of a precious kind.

They are like the nostalgic sounds of gameboy past added with the wisdom that had come with the ages; perfectly getting rid of simplicity by giving it a smart and intelligent approach that still smells of teenage spirit, yet a tiny bit older & definitely a lot calmer. The melodies are intriguing, going for obvious roads and yet performed in not obvious structures; real proof that getting older actually makes life more interesting, especially when it’s successfully converted into melodic music. So here it is; proof that hitting 30 isn’t that bad at all:

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