The S&M Trio – Live At The Rose & Crown (London 2015)

Artists: The S&M Trio
title: Live At The Rose & Crown (London 2015)
keywords: experimental,concert,live,abstract,avant-garde,manipulation,experimental,ambient,musique concrete,noise,tape music, minimalism, acousmatic music, sound sculpture, psychedelic, soundscape, sound art, spoken art, dark ambient, cinemantic,
label: Hortus Conclusus Records

The worldwide phenomenon and legendary inventor of the accidental guitar method mister Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt had been doing a sold out tour in London. If you lived in that city you might have seen the posters, stickers and television advertisements announcing the artist his upcoming presence for weeks.

Even though I lived far away and am broke, I had managed to travel all the way to London to attend this show. Of course it would be difficult to come in with the knowledge of it being so extremely crowded, but thanks to some sneaky pre-gig communication I had managed to lock myself in to the main venue one day before the actual show. A night sleeping in the pub’s trash-bin was totally worth my front position at the venue’s stage!

There were other acts that night, obviously just being programmed to get some of the fame that Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt has, in the hope to get wider known on the world stage… But I didn’t came for the other acts, I was there for main headliner Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt who came to perform with two other marvelous musicians Michael Forrest & Edmund Davie; tonight they were the S&M trio! They wouldn’t just play whatever, they would perform music based and inspired on the poems “Your Welcome” and “Music” by Sophie Marguerite Adams. (you can read them when clicking the link at the bottom of this post)

The S & M trio really did an amazing job to mesmerize the entire audience with their prominent trip music. They simply provided the soundtrack of everyone’s dreams, with enough color to space out in your own way. I was seeing old timer cars, Spanish nights and psychedelic magicians singing wonderful soothing words to this godlike soundtrack of rootedness.

When I looked around at my fellow members of the audience at the show the sight was quite marvelous; everyone seemed to be in a state of trance, inner tripping and showing smiles on their faces. The music really got people in a special state of mind, and it was a real sense of togetherness of the S&M trio, the music and audio members that made this experience of this concert one of the most beloved in my entire gig going history.

The band managed to bring the dreamy worlds of music and sound in such a way that it isn’t sleepy, but more active listening material. The vague avant-garde drumming was another element that had ‘success’ written all over it; deliciously putting down a rhythm that the enormous audience would follow all mass with a bouncing head.

The guitars sparkles their magical thing when the sounds started to widen up to become more spaciously spaced out and in all honesty; bigger then marvelous. This was well worth my night spending in the pubs garbage, as the concert was certainly one of the best ones I’ve heard or attended with my own ears and eyes.

After the concert of the century a loud standing ovation was done, which took longer than 20 minutes! The clapping hands of the well appreciated audience, was almost a concert on its own! The artists where very cool too, coming down to sign autographs, hand out their special made poetry, and even going on photos with their fans.

For people who had missed the concert of the century, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and music friends aka the S&M Trio’s concert could be heard over at the following link.

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