Kendall Brush – BitchBarbieDreamhouse

Artist: Kendall Brush
Title: BitchBarbieDreamhouse
Keywords: Art, Avantgarde, Short Film, Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Oh, hello there again, dear sweet reader! Today, I would like to share with you an amazing video masterpiece that was earlier shared with me by a really cool artist and imaginative video-making person! It’s really good, so you’ll probably like it. I feel like I know you pretty well by now, you know? Like, I’m in your head, and you’re in mine; we’re like mutually infected brains with telepathic connections sending psychic sparks back and forth to each other and laughing in this really creepy way that other people find upsetting. It’s probably some weird effect of all this internetting… internestling… or, whatever. You know what I mean. I wish you’d stop thinking about food, you’re making me hungry. Oh, uh, here’s the video, though, before I forget why I came here…

… the scene begins in what appears to be a magical dungeon or basement, with pink rocks and well coiffed dolls, some of them christmasy and silently caroling while a shrill tone rings in our heads. The artist is magical and glittering, dancing to the subtle feedback that seems to needle through my ears. There is a conveyance here of a kind of private ritualism. It is as though we have stumbled upon a secret grotto inhabited by a doll siren coven. Entranced in this moment, we find ourselves unaware of how we got here and are unable to move or look away. The interplay of sound and visuals are hypnotic.

The artist then begins smearing cakes upon her face, with heavy, delicious looking frostings. Into the field of high-pitched droning signal feed, I hear what sounds like a creaky wooden door… or, maybe it’s the gurglings of a wooden stomach? Perhaps the dolls hunger also for baked treats… soon, another cupcake is lifted from out of a pan, and as it is unceremoniously shoved into the artist’s mouth, we see that it is filled with hair. Most recipes for cupcakes that I’ve read do not call for clumps of hair, so this is a delightful twist. Somehow, they still look appetizing.

Into palms, open and filled with creamy frosting and clumps of cake, a shower of dark purple glitter is regurgitated. The hands smear and wring the hair and glitter cake mess. Synthesizer chords are playing, evoking a feeling of uneasy puppet shows, a twinge of illness, a disorienting and slightly grotesque sensoria. The artist soon grabs all of the remaining doll hair cakes and crushes them upon her face. Here, I begin to notice the barred door behind her. I suppose this means there will be no escape. There is also an amplifier covered in cans.

The cakes are finished, and all that is left is a very large clump of frosted hair. The artist then moves from behind the doll altar, into the space of shiny pink stalagmites. She reaches to the floor to pick up a fallen doll, then uses it to smash one of the hollow rocks, taking it and ripping it apart soon after. She lays on the floor, a sugar-borne creature of destructive impulses grinning with malevolence and near-catatonic from the indulgence of previous scenes. A sort of eroticism is explored while further scenes of set demolition are inter-spliced. A heel is removed to destroy the remaining rock. The sounds here mostly feel like modulated white noise frequencies, with a quality similar to radio static!

In post, I began a process of internalizing the video while exploring what it seemed to symbolize. It’s kind of like an aspect of femininity is being expressed and contorted, possibly even through stages. A mood of isolation comes through. It’s maybe like a soul twisted by prolonged exposure to social systems of gender conformism, a private expression and explosion of this soul, enacted upon it’s associative trappings. The basement is like a reflection of an inner world. Or, something. Maybe I’m way off. It’s possible it’s just a really odd and cool video, really. I really enjoyed the use of sound here. The music is abstract, minimal and creates a mood of quiet foreboding while you watch the artist dancing, the shots of dolls, all of it. You should definitely check this out!

Bye bye for now!

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