Gastón Cereceda – Black Rainbow (EP)

I'm not going to say too much and spoil the surprise that awaits you while looking at the album art for Gastón Cereceda's Black Rainbow. I think it pretty much says it all... unfortunately, this means I won't be able to work in this whole joke I thought of about a "meowsiah"... oh oh, nevermind, it's in!

I’m not going to say too much and spoil the album art for Gastón Cereceda’s Black Rainbow for you. I think it pretty much says it all… unfortunately, this means I won’t be able to work in this joke I’d thought of about a “meowsiah”… oh oh, nevermind, it’s basically in!

Artist: Gastón Cereceda
Title: Black Rainbow (EP)
Label: None (Self-Released)
Cat#: None
Keywords: Alternative, Rock & Roll, Med-Fi
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

What would you expect to find at the end of a black rainbow? A crock of shit? Well… in this case, perhaps you’d find a nicely woven basket filled with beautiful music! It would have like… some bows on it, I think, and the bottom would be filled with a folded tablecloth of picnic-esque tartan. The craftsmanship wouldn’t be overly showy or anything, but if you were thinking about it, you’d notice that it definitely wasn’t some shabby nonsense basket that someone just left here because of how garbage it was. There might be other adornments, but most likely it would be somewhat plain… I mean, it would be nice, you’d see it and you’d think, wow, what a nice basket, I’m actually happy I discovered this just laying here in the middle of nowhere.

But, the sounds!

Let’s talk about those.

This album begins with a track called ‘Franka Potente’. There are some smooth synth chords, a lo-fi groove… oh, excuse me, the groove is more medium-fi, really. I love the low mix of the bass guitar and the vocals completely make this track amazing and magical. It reminds me a lot of some of the material on Psychic TV’s A Pagan Day. I would love to have this on cassette. These wonderful, smooth guitars come in and it’s suddenly like a lonely bright stroll down rain-soaked streets in Autumn.

Some samples start us off on ‘Go For Chile’, and it turns quickly down a lane of pleasant med-fi synth bass pop. I love this, I am totally sold on this weird fabulous album right now. This one’s reminding me of Severed Heads, when the frequencies get all crunchy. The guitars scream with tube throttle, but the vocals again are what take this over the edge into perfection. I love the organ, too. I can’t even believe what my ears are telling me I’m hearing right now.

Next is a track titled ‘Ray Magini’ and it’s like I’m listening to a Latin radio station playing some kind of midi-cheese boogie. Right in the middle it floats into this sensual bell and X-Files synth lead, and then we’re back… sort of… now we’re someplace else and I can’t describe perfectly where this is, but I could easily live here for a few hours, in this sound. It ends ridiculously with audience applause and bizarre noises!

‘Abel Sanchez’ begins with a sample, then I hear an interesting click and noise snap groove, low synth bass… brittle guitars… reversed guitar sounds swell up. This is so great. It’s like a very eclectic, experimental, minimal synth track.

Then, it’s time for ‘Omega Rugal’. This is so wild… midi surf wave blues loop. I feel like I’m on a beach off a far away coast. Voices run through the course of this, like an announcer almost, screaming out in places. It goes reverse… sounding like experimental, diffuse guitar techno for a moment.

‘Arne Saknussemm’ is the last track. There’s a voice, a bass, slightest hi-hat clicks… ahhh! Once the music floats in, it’s something that will take your breath away. Pure medium fidelity magic. I love the vocals so much, and the organ, the way it all moves like a warm breeze on a Summer evening in twilight. I have no idea what the lyrics are, but I love this so much. It makes me want to dance. Out of curiosity, I just had to break out the old google translator to see if I could decipher these lyrics, and wow, nope, but I was not disappointed:

“How can you sleep without na ‘ to say?
How I can live in this cold city?
In a sterile city?
In a silly city.

Good for nothing, I’m good for nothing.

I have the gift of planting a seed in the earth infertile butter,
everyday life is something good ( what we can do ),
when I go out cycling I do not break my ribs,
if you complain I walk away from this fantasy world,
writing in overdrive I attended when jerk,
inadvertently I walked you and goodbye your old,
with old friend not stop praying.

And now, I want everyone to cry with me, please.
For though I am a good for nothing.
Giga Pudding”

I feel like, in a way, I totally get it. Yes.

As my final word, when it comes to sound fidelity, lo-fi and hi-fi can be so pretentious and snobby, so why not go for the middle ground and listen to more med-fi? A basket of nice sounds and poems in medium fidelity await you at the link below:

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