Hyaena Fierling & Comrades – Emissaries

Artists: Hyaena Fierling & Comrades
title: Emissaries
keywords: experimental, soundscape, sound art, poetry, sound poetry, electroacoustic,
label: suRRism-Phonoethics

Hyaena Fierling’s ‘madrigal for sugar dogs’ begins with an atmospheric soundscape that comes across warm and mysterious. It feels natural and yet unnatural at the same time; something human made with the moving sounds similar to a damp propellor from a helicopter and rare daft firework explosions in the deep backdrop. Then voices appear as if they are sirens of first aid ambulances making their noises in the warm atmospheric surreal darkness. Somehow these sirens are not the sounds of an emergency response as they seemingly come across as if they actually quite enjoy themselves.

With ‘Sunrise in Utopia’ Hyaena Fierling gets joined by MUTATE to deliver a fierce and yet roaming track of warrior-like awakening. It’s as if the grainy color on the artwork is being penetrated by glorious hand drumming that progresses like a fierce but still half subdued eye opener. Then there is the collaboration of Hyaena Fierling & Horus Chamber on a track named ‘Battue’.

This is a warm exposure of togetherness of these two artist; bringing in words and manipulations to create an intriguing new form of poetry with hidden messages. The coziness of the overall collaboration has probably all to do with how these words are spoken in a close and comfortable personal way. I’m not sure how they did make this, as many artists nowadays are using the internet to make music together, but for this work it really feels as if they sit together in a cozy small room.

‘Under the Labyrinth’ is done by Hyaena Fierling & MUTATE and comes across intimate and yet more spiritual. It’s as if the directness of words is poured out to form a mysterious audio fog that hangs in front of the listener; you can see it but it’s impossible to grab it. Luckily hearing the work is no problem at all, and results in a fine listen of word vermicelli that is conceiving a relaxed atmosphere to all who attends.

The last work is done by Hyaena Fierling on her own and is fittingly called ‘sister wolfram’. Here on a experimental audioscape in which squeaky laser like squeaky sounds are forming a modern pastry in which vocalic expressions are heard bumping and fleeing the great skies of artistic boundaries. It’s as if happy animal spirits are leaving the planet to go and find their pleasure somewhere on another galaxy. There are words by the artist that seem to function as the ‘go’ sign for all these happy spirits to join the squeaky sounds and fly happily away for better places in time. Considering the things happening in the world; there is a big urge in me to jump up and join them!

Hyaena Fierling & Comrades’s Emissaries can be freely downloaded and head at the following link:

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