Ukeloveys Australia – Ukeloveys Live at Sound Space

Artist: Ukeloveys Australia
title: Ukeloveys Live at Sound Space
keywords: comedy, hipsters, original music, ukulele, vintage, women, Mullumbimby
reviewer: Willem van O.

I don’t know about you, but I’m here all up for light entertainment. I don’t mean fireworks or light projections, or some form of enlightenment; just something that is fun without a rug-sack of potential drama. If that’s something you would enjoy too at this moment then let me introduce the Ukeloveys. I don’t know them too, but I presume they all know how to play the ukulele and know that they can sing smartly & funny written songs together.

I have a feeling that they came together for picnics, afternoon brunches, high teapot sessions, breakfast conversations and other cozy gatherings
& one day discovered that they could play ukuleles, could write down lyrics and the fact that they sounded lovely while singing together in a fine harmony. No idea if this is a true story, but it certainly has the lightness that I was so craving for today.

Just look at the picture they use for the cover art and you just know exactly what it is that you will get when listening to their release. It’s them being lovely together, with the sound of ukuleles  (and other instruments!) doing obviously the things they love & that makes them happy. Of course I’m not able to look inside their heads, but you can simply hear that they do what they do, because of them enjoying themselves, and that feeling of ‘joy’ is easily transferred to one who likes some silly (yet smart!) light fun entertainment by these fine ladies.

No need for Christmas lights, candles or torches; the Ukeloveys will easily play for you their best songs & just as their group name predicts; it’s all rather lovely. They sing about Lyme disease, getting older, and them keeping up appearances. Things taken out of real life, well written, nicely played and performed in a way that you feel like joining them; putting on a hat with a flower on top, some good looking glasses and a smile, possibly with lipstick on the lips. You might even want to invite your friends over for a lovely cup of tea and a silly lightweight listening session…
…You might even want to try out a ukulele and sing along!

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