Biscuit King -Early Morn

a2666933012_16Artist: Biscuit King
title: Early Morn
keywords: experimental, weirdo, weird, Toronto

There are few music makers that can play music like Biscuit King. But as Biscuit king recorded its music, it is in fact now possible to play Biscuit King’s music without you even having to touch or come close to an instrument; Biscuit King has done it all for you!

Biscuit King’s release over here features accessible experimental laid backness that perfectly suits a early morning ritual. You know think like trying to peel open your eyes, stumble to the toilet, drink coffee and perhaps eat a breakfast something. The music has the potential to not shake you up, but is more like a funny blanket for the ears that is a good bland between the two world of dreaming and getting ready for the other reality.

There is muffled guitar, cozy Lo-fi keyboard melodies played in such a way that you might think that the Biscuit King is also half asleep when creating this lovable music over here. But don’t be fooled friends, as in this early morning glory feel there is enough room for surprise, weirdness and fun. ‘Kiss in the night’ (which fits perfectly a very early morning) is such an goody on this release, having a organic fun rhythm with vocals that give an certain grainy feel of authentic old-timer vibe that goes well with the smell of fresh roasted beans vaporized into a cup of coffee.

The music has a real relaxed funk folk low fidelity touch and feel, and with that in mind I feel it wouldn’t be good to play before you have to get out of the house to do ‘work’ things, as the music is just so nice that you simply want to crawl back underneath it, as if it’s a blanket in your homely bed.

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