Industroika – North

a1025077391_16Artist: Industroika
title: North
keywords: devotional, kraut, no wave, noise, post-punk, psych, Brussel

I think we all agree we need a little time off, so why not go away and travel with the sounds of Industroika? You can leave your bags at home although a warm hat and winter coat might be useful as when you decide to enter the Audio ‘Fjord’ there might be some cool environmental temperatures. Unfortunately a warm winter coat might not be very handy while swimming in the ice cold water; which is also one of the happenings this audio excursion consists off. Yep, swimming among ice cubes; that’s what this part of the music is all about. But do not worry there will be sounds of music as a protective layer, making sure your pubes won’t turn into a frozen bush.

What a sportive little time of this may seem; out in the deep nature with refreshing temperatures and some fine swimming session among ice cubes. Now it’s of course time to relax and enjoy a bit of warmth and comfort. Luckily Industroika’s tour brings us to ‘Harvey In Tromso’ in which hand played guitar music brings the Heath to dry up & organic stormy sounds of pleasure serve as the pleasant filling of the audio cake. The music first comes with a sound that seems to resemble a relaxing wobbly chair, which in all our fantasies is the best place to chill and hang out after a wild nature exploration. When perfectly seated and settled down our audio tour guide presents a whole new chapter of progressive music. This is like the best meal for our hungry stomachs; a steady laidback drum, heavy piano liquor to give that later of fine liver intoxication, rough but good looking guitar sprinkles for a fruity flavor & some radio sportive sound entertainment for a perfect time chilling out. This Industroika obviously knows how to deliver the perfect vacation the audio way; but wait until the psychedelic audio music really kicks in; a unforgettable electric madness really spins this relax session direct into a industrial shroom session of the pleasantly weird.

The next vacation excursion is bringing us in the middle of happy sheep and goats with ‘Industroika’ as the pleasant guides parading happily upfront. Along their walk they provide the best psychedelic happiness that will turn even the most tormented sheep relationship into one of love bubbles and hearts. Who can resist the dope organs, who can resist the happy guitars, the fun electric rhythm , the uplifting noise of love & the concluding mess of it being all deliciously together? What a amazing vacation!

With ‘Booker Noe’ it’s time to cruise around. Big beats, piano heaviness with nice crunchy electric guitar fuzzes that form neat melodic orgasms are as equal in intoxication as hanging a night at the hotel bar lobby; yet it feels more adventurous, like driving around in a boom box on wheels to make sure everyone know we are here enjoying the Industroika Holliday!

The last part of the excursion might be the last night of our stay with our ears being the guests of Industroika. It might at first be a bit sad, perhaps triggered by the feeling that the music trip might be over soon, but trust me; the audio vacation with this band is not just over: they will go out with a sentimental bang! One last musical story for in your psychedelic eye-sockets and ear caves! A delightful surprising end that feels a bit as if Industroika waves us goodbye with caring service, almost in the good knowledge that there will be a huge chance that we will return to one of the other audio vacations provided by this well skilled and playfully tight trio! Come on and take the trip over here:

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