Diode Milliampere – Adlib Tracks

a2011311893_16Artist: Diode Milliampere
title: Adlib Tracks
keywords: diy,electronic,Chicago,chipmusic,chiptune,demoscene,fm synth, minimal, synth, techno, uptempo, Chicago
format: 3.5 Floppy Diskette / digital

These songs were created entirely using Adlib Tracker II and OPL3. The audio was recorded directly from a Toshiba Libretto 70 CT in real time. The total size of the .A2M modules is approximately 151 kilobites.

It doesn’t come fresher than the feel good sounding piece named ‘Wildlife (no72)’. Diode Milliampere really knows how to make listeners instantly happy by providing the cool vibes that sounds full and yet minimal; the artist basically uses only the necessary sounds to create big sounding uplifting tunes. Wildlife (no72) is the music that makes you feel like you just came out of a shower, hit up a date, wear the coolest sunglasses in the world & nothing can ruin your day!


Diode Milliampere’s Adlib Tracks floppy will bring you happiness, freshness and positivity!

Keys (rd62) keeps the freshness, but comes even in its style more minimal; providing eclectic electronic beat with funky house sounds that then will expands into a dreamy and colorful psychedelic friendly melody with an smooth and slick baseline. This dreamy establishment becomes very trip worthy, trance and hypnotic in a mellow melodic kind. I find it very hard to sit still, or even to constrain my head; it’s moving to the wonderful rainbow bleeps that might as well be the sound of Adlib heaven!

An heaven that might as well become our new home as Diode Milliampere certainly keeps the gates wide open when providing the pleasantly sounding ‘RIP (ru41)’ an intelligent sounding progression that is thrilling as it is groovy. It begins very smooth, with brightness and a funky rolling baseline that soon teams up with a sexy fuzzy high-hat and kick & then simply takes its listeners on an uplifting melodic ride.

The next tune is ‘Endless Scroll (mp77) which has everything to get you wobbling on your toes by providing interesting intelligent sounding dance music that sounds like adlib-step with a sneaky shortcut psychosis. There are neat breaks and cuts that deliver enough variation to the tune to gets hypnotized by it in a moving way.

Squanchy (ca54) is probably my favorite tune on Diode Mlliampere’s Adlib Tracks. It’s rough, dirty, wicked, rough, nasty and energetic! The producer squeezes the retro sounds in pure fatness and molds them together with thick beats that are super uplifting and groovy. When he introduces a melodic beauty in this work of insane brilliantness and throws it into a funky danceable ending; it’s generating a super satisfying feeling!


The view of heaven

A feeling that perfectly blends in with the sound of ‘Greetz Fly (ty58)’ which is more smooth sounding, keeping up the sparkling buzzy baselines with nice sounding pads and liquidish funk in rhythm form. If this tune was a drink, it would definitely be a good tasting cocktail!

Tom Song (sv73) goes straight for a mass hypnoses of its listeners, hypnotizing everyone who attends it with pleasant repetition with uplifting percussion and nice programming to keep the minimal approach expressive and entertaining to its final end.

The next tune is ‘1856 Steps’ which is so good, that its simply irresistible. Super wobbly baselines, sexy housey melodies that are mellow and uplifting at the same time. It feels like the music to celebrate the good times of early techno, in which things still where bright and open for melodic tones to dance upon.

Diode Milliampre finished the ‘Adlib Tracks’ work off with the recreation of ‘Phoning Home’, proving once more that these sounds are not to be overestimated! This is a really cool and fresh sounding album, and it’s fair to say: I highly recommend it!
It’s available on floppy disk in a pretty clear Jewel Case, or as digital album on the producer his Bandcamp.

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