Various Artists – Midwest Harshfest Comp 1

Artists: Various
title: Midwest Harshfest Comp 1
keywords: punk, trashfuck, grindcore, harsh noise, extreme, noise, powerviolence, Detroit
label: Trash Fuck Records

Everyone seems to be celebrating the birthday of noise hero RedSK. Instead of sending a picture or copy paste someone’s ‘happy birthday’ wish, cutting of my nipples or playing with a goat; I thought to celebrate in style by listening to the Harsh fest compilation. A compilation used to fund the first Midwest Harshfest in Detroit Michigan. (Which I’ll embed some spectacular videos filmed by Caleb Voronwë from within this walk-through for extra celebrative harsh purposes)

Cock E.S.P. delivers a comical start mixing harsh noise bliss with (as you do) frozen semen. The track is compact and reminds me of the epic video footage of Cock E.S.P. Killing it on Harshfest through utter chaos and mayhem.

Waves Crashing Mayhem really starts with the sound of a cozy party among friends. You can hear them laughing, clinking their beer bottles together and then… Wildly going beyond berserk! A violent sounding voice throws up over the instant blood rushing noise. The ears really gets a pounding by penetrating high pitched noises that sound as if they managed to strangle the most painful sounds out of a block flute.

Then there is Gnawed with ‘Flush them out’, a moment of shimmering experimental noise that comes across as if electric brooms are sweeping up the floor to clear the way for possible more exposure to chaos and disorder.

But instead an intimate session by Rape-X comes in. Something that sounds as if the artist has amplified and fucked up a dildo; producing cracking electric sounds until the time had come to explode.

Deceiver launches a perfect noise session in which a demonic voice tries to get itself heard in the crunching sound wall. It’s quiet creepy, and made me personally think of these movies in which there is a ‘ghost’ in the machine that wants to come out and murder you.

I, Benign comes with ‘Thrust, a noise track that gets more nastier along its way. It’s a bit like listening to some monster that gets more and more confidence towards the end to come out and freak out.

Then real insanity in an all disturbing loudness comes in the shape of ‘Spring 2014’ done by Disleksick. Wow, I can only say wow.. This is potentially one of the craziest and sickest tracks I’ve heard at the moment. It’s as if someone electrocutes a bagpipe while heavily puking all over the place. It’s freaking insane and it’s great!

Stress Orphan’s Another Cruel Joke is making the hairs in my neck stand up. This is terribly intensive, slowly but heavily creeping in and becoming an exposure of pain and drama. You can hear Stress Orphan cry while the sounds are tormenting the ears in a painfully destructive matter. A Fuck You a day, keeps the madness at bay…

Then there is an excellent noise work by Boar named ‘Spring Fling’. The sounds are very expressive and wild, as if Boar unleased tons of creepy electric bugs and are now screeching and running around to freak people out and of course make all this noise!

Citizen 2-13 comes up with a noise session that has a similar effect to my ears as a whole collection of iron chains rushing through the ears; something that could be experienced in a non-existing scene from Hellraiser.

Then there is Pregnant Spore that brings the sound of something crashing hard. It beeps and freaks, tortures the sensitive ears until all hearing capabilities have been annihilated. In fact I’m so deaf now, I’m not sure if I can hear what I’m talking about.

But luckily not deaf (and dead) enough to miss out on Clavicula Salomonis’s How Wonderful To Know. It starts slow with sounds that giving you slight warnings for what will eventually unfolds, but then gradually the work becomes progressively loud until it reaches its final goal of total destruction. It’s here that my speakers are attempting to commit suicide and I find myself heavily drinking; it’s heavy and unforgivable!

MBD then pops in like a heavy audio tranquilizer, mixing thick noise with conversations that made me feel as if being trapped on the wrong side of the galaxy. Receiving messages that you want to hear, and yet the only way to hear it is by sacrificing those ears you need to hear to receive it.

Then there is help in the shape of Self Surgery’s V.C.R., which sounds like an excellent wild and energetic live performance of a band that is doing everything to prevail in annihilation. The tune is utterly loud and insane, but also terrifyingly potent in energy! You might lose some limbs in this self-surgery, but it’s obviously worth it.

Caleb Voronwë begins with a piss, and then starts to electronically urinate all over us. The bleepy noises are loud and bold, quick and yet quite exiting. It sounds a bit like an arcade machine had gone rogue and is now eating the one who likes to play it… Absorbed and munched through the place the player normally sticks its coins in, with now blood dropping out…

Obiekt 172’s Final Gate (Harshfest Mix 4) is perhaps the party track for Harsh lovers on this compilation. A menacing hypnotizing looping noise with a militant kick to step up the game and lose control of your audio substance abuse.

Vitriol Gauge brings ‘A Call For Blight’ to this Harsh noise extravaganza. It’s building up like a lurking bad weather that then unleashes itself like a storm that could collapse houses and all that lies between.

Farting Corpse’s If A Sewer Could Puke brings enough volume and sound to get your toilet unblocked. Lots of heavy crashing, yet coming across like the progress of flushing a toilet, with a soothing and relieving end.

Redsk then shows how to become the storm and the calm before the storm with ‘Sweet Sweet Schladenfreude’. The short track is annihilating and shocking, terrorizing the senses in a way that you can only response by freaking out or dying by an instant enthusiastic heart attack.

Methlab Explosion is there at the final end with an ‘Untitled’ track to basically finish all abilities to hearing anything proper in the future off. The screeching high noises, lower deep noises; this and the rest of these excellent products of harshness should be enough to ring your ears for quite a long time.
Celebrate the label’s owner by enjoying the audio mayhem over here:

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