Sylpheera – Crazy Cat Lady (and other songs…)

artist: Sylpheera
title: Crazy Cat Lady (and other songs…)
keywords: electronic, experimental, dance, IDM, comedy, cats, dance, house, techno

Sylpheera brings out the nightly warrior drums, smooth silver night lining melodies, retro house with electric dance beats with a sensual baseline as it’s smooth core. Owls and hawks are all flown in to attend this ‘Ritual Moon’ party, and with a little imagination you will be able to see them dance from tree to tree, and perhaps even hitting a cowbell. It’s a feel good time as even a howling wolf lends a howl of joy to underline the groovy festivities.

Then it’s time for the cats to come out to meow on a very epic anthem to celebrate the phenomena of becoming a Crazy Cat Lady. You might have heard of them, they start with one cute cat and then starts to hoard all these furry purring friends. Sylpheera’s Crazy Cat Lady song is a perfect poppy fun song that all cats and crazy cat ladies will be happy to embrace as their beloved theme song & it’s probably also very entertaining and fun for everybody else! Meow!

Fuego y Ague is an excellent super cool electronic synth swinging tune. It has super smooth and lovable melodies, funny samples aqua sounds, cheesy moments and brilliant moments of melodic togetherness. It’s a great tune really, and I’m so enthusiastic about it I feel like I’m in drastic need to pass it along all my synthesizer electronic loving friends. Best tune to drink a glass if cool water by! Perfect!

Another top notch pleasant tune is Andromeda Groove, it has something really old school IDM ish with its choice of sound and the breakbeat, but the tune easily slips in a next level sunny vibe that is catchy as that it’s feel good material; damn this EP is one that will make some music friends very happy!

Where did you say the beat was? Is putting more electronic wood on the fire & it’s basically a crazy and fun sleazy dance tune for next level late night IDM parties in which smokey melodies are just as important as a danceable rhythm and a sense if humor. You got to love the sexy break in this tune with refreshing percussions, special attention to the baseline and then returning with some glass shatter straight back into the madness. Great stuff!

The last track named ‘Felix goes to Scotland’ really puts the melodic experimental electronica dance back on the map. With it’s tight programmed beat and pleasant percussion its definitely one made to make moves upon. But the melodies is half electric Kraftwerk, half eastern synth night and half techno pleasantness. All these halves makes it 1 and a half of ‘what else can you possibly wish for electronic tune wise? Really an excellent EP, lots of fun and in all fairness; very well made and done! Highly recommended nice discovery over here:

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