Title: 24/7
keywords: video, experimental, analog, synthesizer, electronic, emotional, harsh, hypnotic, intensive, kaosspad, abandonwave, hard, honest, intense, real, beauty, makeup, The Hague
reviewer: Willem van O.

PIOUXSIE is a duo consisting of Alina and Jessie. Music wise you might want to embrace yourself as their sound is fairly experimental in an electronic noisy way. Or perhaps that’s the conclusion when hearing the soundtrack that comes with their ‘how to do make up’ do it yourself instruction video. I’m not sure if that’s what it supposed to be, but it functions for this function quite well. Within the video you can watch them as if your eyes are their mirror, so to observe how they paint their faces beautifully, while at the same time having your ears exposed to their vague electronic experimental music and sounds.

It’s hard to judge the sounds and style of music from one singular video, especially when you are (like me) hopelessly inspired and far too busy trying out their beauty tips by smothering your own face: I’m literally glued to the screen following their hand motions in order to copy their new facial fashion make-up statement into great copycat-like detail. Hmm, how about that? Thanks to their tip, there are no more pimples on my face to be seen!

The visual imagery in the music video is pretty much covered here, but the music is still fairly non-discussed. Might it ‘being so vague’ have to do with it beautifying listener’s inner selves? I mean after all everyone wants to look beautiful these days, but Alina and Jessie look like the duo who knows that it’s nice to look good from the outside but that true beauty also comes from within.

Perhaps their music is out there to be applied like makeup through the ears, smothering and beautifying the inside in an audio form, especially inner-skin tested with probably the finest sound ingredients. Yes that might mean it isn’t totally for outside application and might sound like electronic avant-garde to the untrained ears, but for sure while listening and following the useful makeup tips in the video has the potential to make you feel stunningly beautiful from the in, and the outside.

PIOUXSIE will be performing live on the ‘Ver uit de maat‘ festival, @ Worm, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. So you better pay attention to the video and at least get your fitting makeup right before you attend.
So open your eyes, observe, grab your makeup and follow the visual instructions & open your ears to apply the sounds in your inner insides. You will be irresistible!

You can like PIOUXSIE and befriend them on Facebook:
Or for more music you can visit PIOUXSIE at their official bandcamp account over here:
or keep in touch and hook your ears up with their music on their Soundcloud account over here:

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