Black Rats live at the XYZ Gallery

artist: Black Rats
title: live at the XYZ Gallery
keywords: guitar, bass, Otamatone, jam, video, performance

XYZ Gallery had a bit of a problem.. Or well they probably thought it was a bit of a problem at first..
They probably heard some strange noises coming out of the gallery… The pest control had to come to take care of this as rumor goes that there’s a couple of Black Rats hanging out at the premises.
But guess what? the pest control had been called off, as the invasion of Black Rats in the gallery had nothing to do with an actual group of black rats running around. Although the Black Rats are pretty large ones, they looked rather human! One was named ReTR and the other Phantom’s Snotpigeon… Of course they might be going on a hunt for crumbs of food and left over drinks at a later date, but for now they seemed to be occupied playing a live performance!

And what a performance it was! Instead of the famous rat catcher who played the flute to parade all the rats (and kids) out of town, these Black Rats jammed on guitar and bass in such a way that all humans would gather closer and closer. It’s unclear how many people are actually there following the live performance, but i’m sure they had to put up fences to keep these Black Rats from being trembled over by hypnotized and hopelessly intrigued humans. The duo played ambiance, slow groovy improvisations and mesmerizing dreamy melodies, music that they performed as if they had known each other for at least a trillion years.

When the Black Rats had came to the wonderful conclusion that their performance had saved their lives from the pest control, one of them spoke to the amazed crowd in the whistling rat language.
People might not be able to understand the thank you words, but still the sounds were one that was pleasant and kind; enough so to never want to set a trap for black rats again & put some instruments on the floor instead. There might be hope that they would come and perform the most prettiest Black Rat sounds and delicious jam rat melodies. The video doesn’t reveal what happened afterwards, but maybe the Black Rats still live there at the XYZ Gallery, and if not; I’m sure the owner of the place would love them to come back!

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