The Dub Vaders – Herbs & Trips

Herbs & Trips
artist: The Dub Vaders
title: Herbs & Trips
keywords: dub, electronic, disco, weed,
label: Modismo Netlabel

The Dub Vaders are really doing it, they are providing the best dub works with deep base frequencies, spaced out percussion, and trip worthy stoney grooves. The music is simply coming in pure perfection. the only ingredient missing is something you should find at your own time and convenience; a must smokeable fancy spliff!

although The Dub Vaders track titles on this ‘Herbs & Trips EP’ are suggesting that the music on itself is an actual spliff, I did have a hard time rolling it up and smoking it. It would be a waste as this EP is pretty much the music that you don’t want to smoke up, but keep playing while you are actually smoking something that is made to smoke. Same thing with the delicious hypnotic trip tune named ‘Take this pill’. You don’t want to take this tune as a pill, you just want to keep it in your ears and never swallow it down…

The nice thing of these tunes of the Dub Vaders is that they know that smoking spliffs and listening to pill popping invitations of music makes hungry! Luckily they provide the perfect health food that would satisfy everyones munchies & will boost spaced out bodies with some needed electric vitamins. This is ‘Mindfruit Dub’ and even though this taste simply delicious and is highly recommended electronic material; this too is better preserved as dance and listen material for when you are actually go for an real life munch attack! Ice cream, fruit juice, pizza, peanut butter! Anything will taste good with such triply music playing in the ears!

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3 Responses to The Dub Vaders – Herbs & Trips

  1. Linda says:

    Electrónica experimental chilleno 😀

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