Agnès Pe – Método para Enya: el fluir del Orinoco

artist: Agnès Pe
title: Método para Enya: el fluir del Orinoco
keywords: enlightment, experimental, electronic, Enya, devotional, blinding, light, music, video, experimental

Agnès Pe is next to someone with experimental musical skills, an creative individual with a special gift. She has a special magical power that could potentially blind you, me and others. This she can do by pointing her hands in a way that a blinding ray of light could shoot out like bright laser beams.

I know it sounds ridiculous and I totally agree that you cannot make such a thing up… And that’s why it’s the truth, and nothing but the truth. Of course there is evidence, but this evidence comes with a great risk. In fact watching the evidence might be so damaging to your eyes, that it might be the last thing you will ever see. Is it worth the risk of losing your eye sight? That’s of course for you to decide, but don’t worry too much; your ears will be left unharmed, leaving you with enough capabilities to  still enjoy listening to the sounds of Agnès Pe.

Talking about these sounds that you will still be able to hear even though being blinded by the super powerful hands of the artist; the tune that comes with the bright lights is ‘Método para Enya: el fluir del Orinoco‘ and fits perfectly with the healing hands phenomena. Spiritually New wave music that really works well with this form of magic. It is on the same page as the famous tune by Enya ‘Sail Away’, but Agnès Pe.doesnt go for cheesiness while delivering.

She possibly just wanted to blind the eyes so you can actually hear how much greater and cooler her version is. Think electronic pounding hardcore base-kicks, beautiful electric synth sounds and electric sweetness. She will for sure kick the song into your ears, making you enjoy it so much that you might totally forget that you are still staring deeply in the powerful hands. Are your eyes worth the sacrifice? Or do you want to stick with Enya’s sail away?

watch & hear the proof of the powers of  Agnès Pe’s hands
at your own risk over here:


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