gapeArson – starr catcher

Artist: gapeArson
title: starr catcher
keywords: lsdj, game boy, k9d, gp2x, idm, ibm, intelligent bit music, chiptune,avant-garde,san Francisco, lobit
label: 20kbps

Let’s travel back in time to experience the music and the sound of pure awesomeness. Are you ready to rumble? Because gapeArson was and probably still is very ready to rumble your brain with excellent top notch Interesting dance music, intelligent hard bit music & anything classy (kick your arsey!) in between.

gapeArson is also known as the chip tune avant-garde wunderkind k9d & the one who started (one day in the luxurious past) the net label mp3death, but nowadays his music might be a bit dusting away over here, until we brushed it off with our vacuum cleaner because well it’s fair to say that the music of gapeArson is by far underestimated & deserves so much more then it originally received!

Come on people, who cares about your IDM heroes relaunching their carriers on bandcamp and soundcloud when there is still classy classic electronic awesomeness to be found in the depths of the internet? It might be from 2007, but as it’s still obscure it might as well be released this very second. It just sounds so fresh, very wild, colorful beats, never boring, always full on and adventurous. It’s brand new!

If you like IDM, freakish dance music with chip elements and courageous beats and melodic programming than really you should dig this stuff up, get hooked and pumped up & totally excited as this excellent high quality stuff is lengthy, full of life and totally freaking me out in the way how good it is! What are you waiting for? Forget the sell outs, why not hear the real deal & do it for free! Throw away your chairs and make some space for your excessive wild dance movements because that’s unavoidable when blasting this greatness of a release!

Come on star catchers, this is it! Grab it now and feel fantastic!

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