Little Fyodor & Babushka – Truly Rejected

Artist: Little Fyodor & Babushka
title: Truly Rejected
keywords: pop, punk, experimental, rock, novelty, weird, Denver

Truly Rejected by Fyodor & Babushka is a true blast! There isn’t anything like it and I’m obviously quite liking it. The songs on this record are all different in approach, even though the style prevails strong. They are full energy, perhaps even so much energy that the band overdoses a bit on it. It’s a good overdose really, not an unhealthy one more something you could compare to a playful cat with too much wool to play with; ending up entangled and tied up by its own heavy playing! It’s the good kind of excessive energy!

The music comes across fairly raw, containing the true spirit of punk without ever sounding nasty or gritty. It’s also good to know that this is very danceable, with its inviting guitar chops, solos and fun beats it’s really the music that would suit a crazily good & wild party. The music is already great on its own, so when you find out that the actual songs and the explosive and comical ways of singing them are just as great (or even better?) then you might just know that this release is pretty much a must have!

The songs are so good that with an eye on the content of the lyrics; it’s almost like musical bullying. It’s as if the band plays and does its thing and basically points out that all other bands are worthless losers. It’s a bit harsh at times perhaps, but if you are a good sport you’ve got to agree that this band’s songs are pretty much a case of novelty genius that is hard to beat.

Personal favorite is the song ‘it changes’ but that’s the opinion of me at this moment of writing; with so much quality in these tunes there might be a chance that my personal favorite will be different at a later date. (It changes you see?) But nobody cares about my opinion, everybody got their own opinion and ideas, so I’m very curious what you think of this release? Isn’t it the best thing you have heard all day? Find out about it over at the following link:

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3 Responses to Little Fyodor & Babushka – Truly Rejected

    • Linda says:

      That granny totally got me off the crazy Denver path into Russian chill spheres (

      My fav of the Denver mob is the line in ‘Done that do this’: ‘I want to grow my hair but I don’t know where’. Genius! ❤

      • Alex Spalding says:

        Thanks for that awesome link, Linda, now I’m feeling even chiller… or I’m just cold or something. I’ll have to find a blanket.

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